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The Daily Deskhenge, Energy Ebb and Flow

The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 11/20/13

Good morning, people! Hope you’re all doing well. I’m feeling like I’m running on empty energy-wise, so I thought I would do a spread about what brings us energy and what takes our energy away. And this … well, yeah. It’s one of those readings where the cards are so obvious, they’re doing their “Cosmic Frying Pan Upside The Head” thing. I feel like I’m Wile E. Coyote and I just got KAPOW’ed. My ears are still ringing.

The card on the left, the King of Disks/Pentacles, is what brings us energy. Ok, just look at him. He’s a Pan figure fully embodying the masculine generative principle (you *know* what I’m talking about), and he’s equally fully engaged in what he’s doing. Whether it’s ruling a kingdom (the King of Pentacles is often seen as a hopefully benevolent dictator, a supreme commander and ruler who has his people and his kingdom’s best interests at heart) or just eating that apple in the card there, the King is focused on what he’s doing. In terms of bringing us energy, the card seems pretty obviously indicating that it’s time for some sexytime, if you know what I mean. We draw energy from the sex act, from the pleasure and the intense focus we engage in while doing it. We recharge our batteries by this connection, whether we’re connecting with another (or a group of others) or  the Divine within. Or both. Whatever works. Go get lucky. And if you’re single or otherwise unpartnered, take matters into your own hands. Yeah, I went there. 😉

The card on the right, The Hierophant, is what’s sucking our energy away. Look at the image. The Hierophant figure is suckling two near-skeletal figures at her swollen and distended breasts. It’s a harrowing image in the best lights, but in this reading today the light is profoundly negative. Other people are sucking away our life force, and we’re letting them do it. Find those relationships in your life that are draining you and cut them off. Maybe not permanently, especially if they are core relationships, but at least for now. Something in our communities is unhealthy and overly demanding, and we need to turn away from it. So take a look around and see what there is in your life that is taking without giving. Find the leaks, the leeches, the vampires, and cut them off. Maybe just for today, but do it, for your own peace and well being.




The Daily Deskhenge, Monday 11/4/13

The Daily Deskhenge, Monday 11/4/13


Happy Monday, my dears! Since I’m in a bit of an inner turmoil myself this morning, I thought I would create today’s Daily Deskhenge around the topic of serenity (insert Nathan Fillion joke here). 😉 The question that I asked specifically is, What is the current state of serenity in my life, what do I need to draw in to myself to increase serenity, and what do I need to let go of to increase serenity?  The card in the center, the 4 of Cups, represents my current state of serenity–read: NOT MUCH. I’m disillusioned, unhappy, and not seeing what is being given to me. So what can I do to clarify my vision more? That’s represented by the 9 of Cups, a card of fulfillment and emotional contentment. Be happy with what I have, the cards say. Find joy in what’s actually there, and be in command of the forces I have, not the reinforcements that haven’t arrived yet. And what do I need to let go of to increase my peace? That’s represented by the Queen of Swords, that First Lady of thought who in this case is bringing too much emotional pain to her thought process. You know how you can get yourself all worked up over what turns out to be either nothing or something close to nothing? That’s what’s in danger of happening here, or what’s already happening here. Lighten up. Let go of the emotion. Feel it first–don’t shove it away or try to kill it with carbohydrates, because we all know how well THAT works. NOT. Instead, feel those feelings, let yourself have them in whatever safe way you can, and then let them go.




The Daily Deskhenge, Thursday 10/17/13

The Daily Deskhenge, 10/17/13

The Daily Deskhenge, 10/17/13


Good morning, friends! I hope everyone is doing well. Here in the SF Bay Area it’s been twenty-four years since the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, and we’re “celebrating” (if that’s the proper way to refer to it) by engaging in safety drills, practicing evacuation procedures, and basically doing whatever we can think of to do to remind ourselves that there are things we can do in the face of Nature’s fury. We can be ready by engaging in practical steps to help ourselves, and not relying on some vague hope that everything will be ok now. These concepts are reflected in today’s reading, which is laid out as follows: the center card, The World, represents the situation. The card to the left, the Knight of Cups, represents what can help us in the situation, and the card on the right, The High Priestess, represents what cannot help us. The Knights represent action in the Tarot: movement, seeking, questing, flowing forward with the energy of their particular suit. The High Priestess represents the unknown, the mysteries, and the divination/studies required to access the unknown properly. So, then. What do we have here?

The World is the situation. The World card represents completion and the bringing together of all previously disparate elements into a cohesive whole. The individual has completed her journey, and is now ready to move on. Everything is in place, and nothing is lacking. Yay! What can help us in this situation is to move forward with humility and respect for what we’ve been given during our previous journey. We’re carrying something with sacred potential now, something that will grow into something else–we are custodians of the sacred now, and maybe we always were. But the critical piece here is to MOVE. Move forward with what you’ve been given. That’s what you can do to help yourself. What cannot help us in this situation (irony of ironies) is divination. Delving further into the sacred to find answers is not the way right now. The Priestess cannot help you at this point. What you need is your horse, a saddle, a direction, and some faith. So get moving! Bring your great, grand, beautiful, complete new self out into the world and get to it!


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The Daily Deskhenge Thursday 9/13/12

The Daily Deskhenge (featuring the Piatnik Lenormand deck):

The thing I’m noticing with these Lenormand (and related cartomancy) decks is how blunt they are. It’s kind of like talking to somebody who has no conversational filters. In my experience the Tarot speaks in waves, with metaphors and colors and varying shades of music and meaning. The cartomancy decks are more like getting a two-by-four to the head. There’s no mistaking the intention or meaning of a two-by-four to the head. Don’t get me wrong: the Tarot has often delivered me a less-than-musical whallop from the Cosmic Frying-Pan to the Head. But I’ve felt dreamier using the Tarot than I do with these cards. There’s room for movement and dance around the cards when I use the Tarot, but the experience is much less dancey and dreamy when I use these little brass-knuckles of love and wisdom here. For example, just look at the spread above (from left to right): there are diverging paths. Choices to be made, ways to go laid out and marked for those who follow you. There’s even a little signpost and a huge tree standing out in a field, so you can create directions later on that say, “Turn left at the big-tree crossroads.” Then as you’re walking along, tra la, all happy because you’ve got your good and unconfusing directions all laid out, BAM! There’s a snake in the path. He looks mean, too. And hungry. AVOID THE HUNGRY, MEAN SNAKE. More choices: how will you get past it? Will you feed it? Kill it? Try to jump over it? Your call (although good luck with that last one; I’ve tried jumping over snakes in dreams when they’re in my path, and it NEVER works). Once you get past the snake, you’re home free. Literally. There’s a nice, pretty little homecoming awaiting you, complete with roof-turret, circular driveway, green shutters, and a colonnaded portico.

So, what have we learned? Choose your path (and remember your landmarks), watch out for the nasty creepsy tricksy along the way, and you’ll get home just fine. Be careful in whom you place your trust–the snakes in our lives rarely have a sign around their necks that say, “I’m the snake. Just FYI.”


The Daily Deskhenge, 9/6/12

The Daily Deskhenge (featuring “The Dust Bunny Lenormand” by Marcia McCord):

Today’s Daily Deskhenge is making use of the wonderful Lenormand deck by Marcia McCord, “The Dust Bunny Lenormand” ( Lenormand decks are cartomancy cards that use specific symbols to mean specific things, unlike the Tarot, which is much more subject to individual interpretation. In this layout, for example, I’m using the classic “pair” of cards to determine what today’s energy is all about: the one on the left represents the “noun” of the pair, and the one on the right represents the “adjective” that modifies the noun. In this case, the card on the left, “Mountain,” represents obstacles, delays, and enemies. So that’s our noun. The card on the right modifies it: the “Heart” is all about what you’d imagine it to be all about: love, romance, passion, happiness, and wishes coming true. In this case, since the cards represent such extreme opposites, and since the adjective modifies the noun, I’d read this as ameliorating the bad news. We will be experiencing negativity today, blockages, delays in promoting the general welfare as it were, but it’s not going to be as bad as it could be. Another potential reading to keep in mind is that this could be a warning about “frenemies.” Frenemies, if you aren’t a devotee of “Jersey Shore,” are those people who pretend to be our friends but who really aren’t. They’re people who are working against us behind the scenes. They won’t do us the honor of challenging us outright to a fair fight; they’d rather snark at us behind our backs and then sympathize with us to our faces. Be careful of these people today. Death by a thousand cuts is still death.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It’s been awhile, so let me just bash right back into it. 🙂

The Daily Deskhenge (with The Mary-El Tarot by Marie White):

Today’s layout is about brightness and shadow, without assigning “good” or “bad” meanings to either of them. The card on the left, the 10 of Wands, is the Shadow card. The 10 of Wands in shadow is out of control fire, or fire on the verge of becoming out of control. It is passion that has begun to feed on itself because it has nowhere else to go. The Creator has become The Destroyer, the force of nature consuming everything in its path. The card on the right, the 4 of Disks, is the Bright card. I read it in its bright aspect as a card of finding home, whatever that means to you. The star evident in the card is a symbol to me of great hope and peace, and the home itself in the card is situated as if it were a mountain retreat. Follow the light home. The winding paths are often the straightest way to achieving your goals.

Put them together and you have an admonition of awareness against letting your passions sit idle. Remember how your Grandma used to shake her finger at you and say, “Idle hands are the Devil’s playground”? Well, today she would be right (not about the Devil, though). Use your passion to guide you home. Let your inner fire light your way. Don’t be afraid when all the lights go out: your heart knows its way home. (And before you wonder why the heck I’m dragging Grandma into this, those stones in the middle of the layout are my Ancestor stones. So yeah, I get to call on Grandma. 😀 )


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Daily Deskhenge:

Today I’ve been pondering the differences between the “me” I show the world and the “me” I really am, and thought it would be a good Deskhenge topic/spread. The card on the left, Justice, represents what you truly are. The card on the right, the 7 of Wands, represents what you show the world. Not the same, right? It’s interesting that somehow we get caught up in the frantic busy-ness of everyday life and we forget our own true nature. This spread may not represent you exactly, or it may be more a representation of me than of you, but the challenge is to see where the differences are between your true soul-self and what you show the world. This reading has us as solemn, judicial beings at heart, fair and honest, wise, clear-headed, taking emotions into account when the situation calls for it but not being ruled by them, keeping our own counsel, and being ruled by clear common sense. But the face we show the world is very different: youthful in a non-wise sense, frantic, beset, under attack from at least the front (if not from all sides at once), green in the sense of being inexperienced, and hardly standing on solid ground. For heaven’s sake, we’re not even wearing matching shoes! (And I’ll take as a pointed instruction to myself that the poor dude in the 7 card desperately needs a haircut.)

So why the difference? How would the Judge in the Justice card react if s/he found herself transported to the landscape of the 7 of Wands card? Where would Justice set up her seat? How would she handle the attackers? Conversely, how would the person in the 7 of Wands comport himself in the Justice card? I have this image in my mind’s eye of him kind of lounging across the judge’s seat, legs dangling over the side, maybe playing with the scales the way a child would, not knowing how to answer anyone who came to him for wisdom.

My thought on all of this is that perhaps we *are* the calm, judicious being when we are most ourselves, perhaps when we are calm and quiet, by ourselves. But when we face life and it’s constant hurly-burly of activity, we lose that calm. Maybe the wisdom for today is to find our inner Judge and bring him/her out. Put her in charge of dealing with the attacking wands (demands, ideas, thoughts, concerns), and judge them according to their true merits rather than the hyped-up sense of importance we give them in the heat of battle.