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The end

Hi friends,

I am now writing and blogging over at The Muse’s Darling, which is the company and new business I’m starting up. So please head on over to follow me there (here: and on Twitter at @MusesDarling), and thank you thank you THANK YOU for reading and following my posts here on The Daily Deskhenge. You’re all fabulous. May you be blessed today and always.

Thank you all for having so much heart.







You all rule. Here’s a kitten wearing a hat.

kitten in a hat







With love,

The Muse’s Darling


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The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 11/6/13

The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 11/6/13

Good morning! Today’s Daily Deskhenge feels a little complicated, so I laid out my Ancestor stone to give it some grounding. It’s the brown triangle-ish piece in the center; it’s just a rock, but it comes from the Sterkfontein Caves in South Africa, a place paleoanthropologists call the cradle of humankind because it’s where the oldest human remains have been found, so I call it my “Ancestor stone.” I also used clear quartz, fluorite, citrine, and labradorite to add brightness and depth. And also pretty–they totally add the pretty, don’t you think? 🙂

The cards are what bring the complication. The 6 of Cups (on the left) is the card for the day, and the Ace of Wands (on the right) is what to do about it, or what to look for. Depending on which deck/system you’re using, the 6 of Cups can either represent nostalgia or sorrow (or other related realities depending on what comes up for you as you read). While I don’t usually think that nostalgia and sorrow are bedfellows, I can see how there is a link between them. Looking back at the past can rob you of the future, as many a well-meaning Facebook post has no doubt assured you. There’s truth to the platitude, though: holding onto grief is a dark and dangerous business, and if you’re creative, sensitive, or at all artistic, it can be deadly. Jane Austen once wrote, “Too much poetry may be … unsafe” and she’s right. Depression and despair that way lie. Purification is a natural part of the healing process of grieving, and if you don’t let yourself grieve fully, you never go through the process of having what is dead and useless to you burned away. Imagine what a Phoenix would look like if it just sat huddled at the bottom of a wet bonfire, not burning away the old, not letting go of what’s dead to burst out into new life. It would just be a pathetic, shivering lump of proto-glory, and we would pity it and look away. That’s not what it’s meant for, and it’s not what we’re meant for. The Ace of Wands is the beginning of a new venture, a new adventure, a new path to destiny. Look at the hand reaching out to the sun. See and believe that the sun comes up again, and that giving in to despair is not only not the way, it’s the absolute wrong way. Reach out for what drives you. Embrace the sun, and let what’s dead fall away. Who knows what’s next?


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Wednesday, 9/5/12

The Daily Deskhenge (featuring the “Mary-El Tarot” by Marie White and “Annapurrna Maarjaara” by Holly DeFount):

Today’s daily deskhenge is coming to you a little late, and I’m sorry for that. The physical interferes. 😉 Anyway, I’m using the same layout as yesterday: Shadow and Light. The two cards that appeared for today are the Four of Swords (on the Shadow side) and the Five of Swords (on the Light side). I’m reading that as a unity for today–what I mean by that is that this process of moving with light and shadow is tighter and more self-referential today, and definitely more “mind” oriented. The Four of Swords is often read as a card of rest, of deliberately taking a step back from active thinking, of letting it flow without any contribution from the Self other than just being present. The Shadow side of that, however, is ignorance. It’s fiddling while Rome burns (or, in the case of the image on the card, while the smoke stacks pour clouds of smoke into the sky). Maybe it’s just steam that they’re pumping out, or maybe it’s radioactive Cesium. You don’t know, and whether or not you find out is up to you. Representing the Light side today is the Five of Swords: the card representing a return to active thought after the passivity of the Four. I’ve often heard this card defined as “Defeat,” or “Hollow Victory.” It could be, but the images in this deck (the fabulous “Mary-El Tarot”) suggest something else. I read the energies here as being not ready. It’s very human to want to share a great new idea with the world, and the Fives are all about humanity itself, but to do so before that idea is ready is akin to heaving a baby out the door into the wilderness with a note in his/her little hand that says, “Good luck, Love Mom!” Ideas need to be sheltered, fed, protected, watched over, and quite literally grown. So move forward in the light, but move forward slowly and with thought, with deliberation.

The image at the top of the photo is a drawing by Holly DeFount of one of her cats, “Annapurrna Maarjaara” (for the full story about Annapurrna, see Holly’s blog here: Annapurna is both a mighty mountain in the Himalayas and the Hindu goddess of feasts and of being fed. Her admonition here is to feed your ideas actively and mindfully, taking everything into account and nothing for granted. What you feed is what you become.

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Taking a break, friends…

Greetings, all. This is just a quick note to let you know that I’m taking a break from doing the deskhenges. I need rest and change and that ever-elusive “else” in my life right now. I’ll be back with more deskhenges soon. Thanks very much!

Bright blessings of the season to you! xoxo

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Daily Deskhenge:

Today we don’t have any stones because your Oracle is really hankerin’ for something different. So what I decided to do is to come clean a little about something: I’m starting to work with an energy who is best represented in the Tarot (in my opinion) by the cards Death and The Tower. I may be crazy–such is perhaps fodder for discussion on another day. 😉 Regardless, I decided to lay out the Death and The Tower cards, and then asked the question, “What is my next best step here in working with this energy?” It’s a variation of “How do I handle/work with/approach these dark and dangerous cards and what they represent in my life?” And then I pulled the 7 of Cups. So hmm. What’s coming up for me now is “choice.” When dealing with death or major change, where do you “go”? What part of you comes out? How do you do it? You have a choice. You can get angry, you can go to sleep, you can drop into addiction, you can deal with it head-on (either with or without your heart); it’s that choice that makes up the lesson that you take away from the event (aside from the event itself, whatever that might be [e.g., my house burning down might be a lesson to me to stop smoking in bed]).With every choice is a consequence, and with every consequence is an opportunity to learn.

As for me, I will have choices as I work with the energy I mentioned above. But what’s also true is that everything in the card (I’m referring to the 7 of Cups) is a potentiality, an unknown. Nothing is real yet. I won’t *know* anything until I make a choice. The appearance of this card is also a reminder to me that I don’t know who I’m dealing with, and that getting to know her is probably a good idea to start.