The Daily Deskhenge

Your daily dose of cards and crystal wisdom from the workplace.


What is “The Daily Deskhenge”? It’s a collection of Tarot and Oracle wisdom cards with a few crystals I pull out of a sack every morning (ok, *almost* every morning). The first time I did it a few months ago, the placement of stones reminded me of Stonehenge; since I’m at work in Silicon Valley, sitting in a cubicle in the back room of a building near the airport, I decided to call my collection of stones and cards “Desk-henge.” I also read cards and do other psychic/empathic types of work, so adding words to the pictures came easily. I started posting mostly-daily on Facebook this Spring, and today a good friend suggested that I start a blog to share “The Daily Deskhenge” with more of you. I’m so delighted that you’ve found your way here, and I hope what little wisdom I share from Source is valuable to you in some way.

Bright blessings,




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