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The Daily Deskhenge: Be Still And Wait

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The Daily Deskhenge, Thurs 11/21/13

Good morning, friends! Bright blessings to you, wherever you are. Today’s Daily Deskhenge just called out to be a simple one card presentation, which makes sense given the card drawn. The Hanged Man is potentially one of the most difficult cards for our modern society to receive because it is the antithesis of what society uses to thrive. Modern American society is all about hustle, information, drawing in and consuming, being the first in line or the first to score the next big thing. We receive and consume without perceiving. We don’t understand because we don’t take long enough to reflect, to allow, to release the old and the completed. The Hanged Man calls on us today to stop. Stop your trains of thought, stop your consumption. Stop spending, chasing, racing around. Release what others are doing and just let that be. We are called to stand where we are and wait. Now, raise your hand if you suck at waiting. (I’m totally raising my hand over here.) I have to hold myself in compassion around this because I am such an instant-gratification monster. I used to have over 25 international news outlets sending me Tweets about everything happening everywhere when it happened because I’m a news junkie, until I had a total meltdown. I had crying fits that I couldn’t explain until I realized that I was taking in global grief and anger and despair just because of my need to be first to know anything. Well, that’s just crazy, and I realized it after maybe a year. (I’m slow.) Now I still have a Twitter feed, but I restrict myself to receiving information about my favorite local sports teams and information from friends–by which I mean people I actually know and hang out with and pictures of whose food and art I actually *want* to see. I released my need to be the first to know anything and everything, and just let myself sit in the peace that came afterwards.

The Hanged Man presents us with an uncomfortable truth: we aren’t really in control of much of anything at all. Facing that truth is what we’re called to do when he appears in any reading, so let’s face it together. We’re here, we can’t control much, but we can control ourselves. Let’s do that.



Author: musesdarling

I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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