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The Daily Deskhenge, Tuesday 11/12/13

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The Daily Deskhenge, Tuesday 11/12/13

Good morning, friends! Today’s Daily Deskhenge is a simple one: I just focused on today, and then the words “Yes” and “No,” meaning what should we be looking for in the affirmative today, and what should we be avoiding (or what will manifest itself in the negative today). The Knight of Pentacles on the left is the “Yes” card. Isn’t that always the way? The fun-looking PAR-TAY card on the right, the 3 of Cups, is the “No” card. Boo! đŸ™‚ But let’s look closer at what we have.

The Knight of Pentacles is reviewing his work. He’s put a lot of effort and energy into what he’s done, and he’s seeing what needs to be done going forward. Weighing his options. Checking his to-do list. Of all the Knights in the Tarot, his is the only horse who is not moving. The engine and source of movement in the card, the horse waits patiently for direction about the work to be done. Now is the time for clear, vigorous thought about what steps to take next. And you can’t do that well if you’re drunk or hung-over, which leads us to the “No” card.

The 3 of Cups can be seen as a card of relaxation, connection, and enjoyment–after all, what do you think is *in* those cups up there? In vino veritas, right? But considering the meaning of the card within the context of the layout of “Yes” and “No,” it makes sense if we see that we’re being advised to avoid celebration at the moment. It’s not the right time to let go of the work ethic we’ve worked so hard to cultivate so far, nor the right time to engage in group projects that distract us from our purpose. Stay true to what you’re doing–we’ve all seen the movie where a student/hero is faced with either studying for the upcoming exam or blowing studying off to go party, right? And the subsequent plot of the movie is driven by the consequences of the actions of that student/hero. Well, the same is true for us: stick to your goals and avoid the party demons for now. There will be plenty of time to celebrate later.



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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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