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The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 11/6/13

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The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 11/6/13

Good morning! Today’s Daily Deskhenge feels a little complicated, so I laid out my Ancestor stone to give it some grounding. It’s the brown triangle-ish piece in the center; it’s just a rock, but it comes from the Sterkfontein Caves in South Africa, a place paleoanthropologists call the cradle of humankind because it’s where the oldest human remains have been found, so I call it my “Ancestor stone.” I also used clear quartz, fluorite, citrine, and labradorite to add brightness and depth. And also pretty–they totally add the pretty, don’t you think? 🙂

The cards are what bring the complication. The 6 of Cups (on the left) is the card for the day, and the Ace of Wands (on the right) is what to do about it, or what to look for. Depending on which deck/system you’re using, the 6 of Cups can either represent nostalgia or sorrow (or other related realities depending on what comes up for you as you read). While I don’t usually think that nostalgia and sorrow are bedfellows, I can see how there is a link between them. Looking back at the past can rob you of the future, as many a well-meaning Facebook post has no doubt assured you. There’s truth to the platitude, though: holding onto grief is a dark and dangerous business, and if you’re creative, sensitive, or at all artistic, it can be deadly. Jane Austen once wrote, “Too much poetry may be … unsafe” and she’s right. Depression and despair that way lie. Purification is a natural part of the healing process of grieving, and if you don’t let yourself grieve fully, you never go through the process of having what is dead and useless to you burned away. Imagine what a Phoenix would look like if it just sat huddled at the bottom of a wet bonfire, not burning away the old, not letting go of what’s dead to burst out into new life. It would just be a pathetic, shivering lump of proto-glory, and we would pity it and look away. That’s not what it’s meant for, and it’s not what we’re meant for. The Ace of Wands is the beginning of a new venture, a new adventure, a new path to destiny. Look at the hand reaching out to the sun. See and believe that the sun comes up again, and that giving in to despair is not only not the way, it’s the absolute wrong way. Reach out for what drives you. Embrace the sun, and let what’s dead fall away. Who knows what’s next?



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