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The Daily Deskhenge, Monday 11/4/13


The Daily Deskhenge, Monday 11/4/13


Happy Monday, my dears! Since I’m in a bit of an inner turmoil myself this morning, I thought I would create today’s Daily Deskhenge around the topic of serenity (insert Nathan Fillion joke here). 😉 The question that I asked specifically is, What is the current state of serenity in my life, what do I need to draw in to myself to increase serenity, and what do I need to let go of to increase serenity?  The card in the center, the 4 of Cups, represents my current state of serenity–read: NOT MUCH. I’m disillusioned, unhappy, and not seeing what is being given to me. So what can I do to clarify my vision more? That’s represented by the 9 of Cups, a card of fulfillment and emotional contentment. Be happy with what I have, the cards say. Find joy in what’s actually there, and be in command of the forces I have, not the reinforcements that haven’t arrived yet. And what do I need to let go of to increase my peace? That’s represented by the Queen of Swords, that First Lady of thought who in this case is bringing too much emotional pain to her thought process. You know how you can get yourself all worked up over what turns out to be either nothing or something close to nothing? That’s what’s in danger of happening here, or what’s already happening here. Lighten up. Let go of the emotion. Feel it first–don’t shove it away or try to kill it with carbohydrates, because we all know how well THAT works. NOT. Instead, feel those feelings, let yourself have them in whatever safe way you can, and then let them go.




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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Deskhenge, Monday 11/4/13

  1. Well, I WAS having a serene day 😦 Until I got on the telephone w/ my youngest brother…Grrrrr….

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