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The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 10/30/13

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The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 10/30/13

Good morning, friends! Today’s Daily Deskhenge is all about progression. I just felt like seeing what the flow was like today, and this is it (and note the tiny Lenormand card on the far right: it’s the Ship card, which indicates movement — from far away to near, or from near to far — so I think checking out how things in general are flowing is pretty much in alignment).

The beginning of our progression on the far left is the 9 of Pentacles (crowned with a quartz crystal egg symbolizing the richness of potential), which is a card that always seems to me to be about discernment and wise selectivity. We are beginning from a place of readiness and potential, which is auspicious for our journey. We have everything we need, including the wisdom and good sense to get us where we are in the first place. We head into The Hierophant (crowned by a beautiful piece of aventurine to stimulate the heart chakra) , which is where we will cross the bridge from where we are now into where we are going. The Hierophant/Pope/Grand Poobah is not only symbolic of the outer spiritual community but also the divine bridge between the gods and us. S/He is the conductor of the mysteries, the Speaker of the gods for those who can hear. At the other end of the Hierophant’s bridge is The Devil, which makes more sense than I can possibly convey (and slapping a piece of smoky quartz, the protector stone, over his head was no accident đŸ˜‰ ). For a human to hear the voice of the gods, his/her heart has to be purer than pure. But there isn’t a story that’s come down to us from the ages, no matter what culture we grew up in, that doesn’t speak somehow of a human being being on the divine journey and somehow screwing it up. We’re human. That’s what we do. We learn from The Devil, and we need Him. He is our greatest teacher. So when something happens on our journey that is either troubling or that gets us into trouble, that’s difficult or challenging or somehow bringing us face to face with every single one of our addictions and demons, thank them. Whatever they’re here to teach us, we need to learn. And it won’t last long anyway. That’s the good thing about journeys: we’re always moving (hopefully). Moving on from our lessons cycle we meet others on the path who are working with us (the 3 of Pentacles with a bright, sunny bit of citrine overhead to light the way). Work together. Let yourself be aided, and help others too. That’s how we all move forward. As we do, and as we get stronger from our interactions, we’ll find we are receiving all the blessings we wanted as our foundations grow strong and solid beneath us–both for you, and for the entire kingdom. We’ve come back home with wealth and wisdom to share, and everyone will prosper from our good fortune.

Oh, and I drew the Lenormand card to be a helper for us as we go. The Ship indicates journeys, foreign and far away ports of call, and mysteries yet explored. Above his head is a snake carved of tiger eye. A powerful stone of protection, tiger eye guards us on our journey, and the snake carries with it the wisdom and power of the earth as we travel upon the sea.

Blessings …


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One thought on “The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 10/30/13

  1. Great spread and interpretations! I love the use of the stones this way!!

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