The Daily Deskhenge

Your daily dose of cards and crystal wisdom from the workplace.

The Daily Deskhenge, Friday 10/25/13


The Daily Deskhenge, Friday 10/25/13


Today’s Daily Deskhenge is a two-card breakout of a concept developed by the brilliant Anastasia Haysler of the Tarot Media Company ( called the “Spear and Magic Helmet.” In this reading, I’ve split the two up so that the Spear represents your weapons, your armory, what you have to defend yourself and maybe go on the attack with, and the Magic Helmet represents your armor, your shielding, what will defend you from harm. So let’s have a look!

Your Spear card is the one on the right, the 10 of Pentacles surrounded above and below by earthy red stones. I picked three red stones out of my bag: red jasper (the two directly above and below the card) and Botswana agate (the third reddish stone on the top) to ground the energy of the Spear and to root it to the earthy energy of the Pentacles. Your “weaponry” as it were is the family, the community, your ancestors (and your DNA). What gifts come to you from your people way, way back? Maybe you’ve got brilliantly clear vision or common sense or a knack for listening to other people with patience. Maybe you’re funny as hell when you tell stories, or more determined (or stubborn!) than anybody else in your life, or maybe you have a way with plants and animals. All of these things are tools you can use to defend yourself if you need to, and all of them are right at your fingertips. Can you sing? Can you see cloud animals? Can you cook or think through a project quickly or boil water without making a mess? Can you change a tire or make a kid stop crying or take extensive notes on what’s happening around you in your daily journal? Yours is the one historians and archaeologists are going to shout “Eureka!” over when they uncover it a thousand years from now and use it to help them understand what twenty-first century life was like. You don’t need to be carrying the Spear of Longinus or Excalibur: use the weapons you have at your disposal, and look particularly at what your ancestors were good at for ideas.

Your Magic Helmet is the card on the left, The Sun surrounded above and below by black stones of protection and shielding. The stones are black tourmaline (at the bottom), tektite (just below the card), and I think either black agate or black jasper–I love the feeling I get when I imagine them being warmed and empowered by The Sun. There isn’t a more powerful energy source in our daily reality for most of us than The Sun. Think for a moment where we’d be without it–we wouldn’t be here, in this solar system, we’d be somewhere else where there was a sun that provided heat and energy enough for us and everything around us to live and thrive. You are protected by the most powerful energy source there is (in this teensy corner of the physical realm, that is), so let yourself feel the heat and warmth of The Sun. Let it charge up your force fields, and let the power of it infuse your inward and outward breaths. Let it be the great device on your shield, and let your enemies run away blinded from you as you march toward them in glory–ok, I’m going off the rails with my overly poetic language right now 😉 but you get the point: you don’t need to be afraid.



Author: musesdarling

I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Deskhenge, Friday 10/25/13

  1. Karen this was absolutely beautiful, I am thinking of trying to use this in my own magical work. I have often considered the Tarot as a tool of magic to put down a layout and do magic around what it means. Thank you for reminding me of this, I love the Spear and Magic Helmet idea…

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