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The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 10/23/13


The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 10/23/13


Good morning, friends! This week has been a little difficult for Your Oracle (nothing serious–just a lot of tedious drama), so she has decided to set up today’s Deskhenge to be all about making things simpler in her life. How about you? Could you use some simplicity these days? If so, maybe today’s reading can help.

The card on the left, the Page of Cups, is what to release or not even touch as it floats by you on the river of life, the “sit on your hands” card. Let the sweet, beautiful young man go, and let his intriguing, magical fishy friend not tempt you into complications and suffering with promises of messages from the Divine and scenes of great magic and mystery. Let them both go. Don’t engage, don’t become involved. This is much easier said than done, at least over here in DeskhengeLand where drama is Our Very Dear Friend and stories are our stock in trade. But still, it’s important to not add to the mess, so do what you can to just release it if it is already a part of your life, and if it is not, don’t reach out and grab it as it passes you by. Remember that story from the Odyssey where the sirens with sweet songs tempted the Greek sailors to jump overboard to their deaths as they sailed past? And then the sirens, who were in actuality hideous monsters with big claws who sat not on rocks but on piles of the bones of dead sailors who had jumped to their deaths before? Gross, right? Well, take a memo. Let the drama go.

The card on the right, the 7 of Pentacles, is what to actively throw away from your realm of influence. This is the action card, the “get off your butt and throw this stuff out in order to simplify things” card. Look around. What can you get rid of? Start a pile of stuff at home to take to charity, and be ruthless. Seriously, do you really need twenty pairs of shoes (or thirty, or forty)? What other clothes aren’t you wearing? What books aren’t you reading that you can donate to your local library? What can you up-cycle or down-cycle, compost, shred, or repurpose? What are you finished with that you can (please god) get rid of at last? Your Oracle hesitates to admit that she has material she wrote over twenty years ago. Maybe it’s time to reread it, decide what to keep of it and what to shred, and release that energy back into the ether where it can do some good at last. What are you sitting on that needs to be released?

It’s occurring to me now that there’s another element to releasing things that I rarely consider as I do it, and that is to sit with the item or energy to be released and just appreciate what it meant for me in my life at the time. Appreciate what I accomplished, what worked, what I learned, and actively take stock of the good I’ve done so far. Maybe that would be a good thing for all of us to do: in this social construct in which we are reminded constantly and with great guilt what awful people we can be, it can only help and do great good to take a moment and consider that we’re not failures, we’re not losers, and we’re not wasting the lives we’ve been given if we don’t live up to the Facebook admonitions of success and achievement that cross our newsfeeds at least ten times a day. We are all essentially good people who do good works and would at heart like to believe the best about people, and it might be useful to ourselves and others if we just take a minute to acknowledge that. So here, have a hug. You’re awesome.



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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Deskhenge, Wednesday 10/23/13

  1. Yes, simplicity today–and for the rest of this week, please. I cannot take on large tasks this week as I had originally hoped! Thanks, Kathleen

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