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The Daily Deskhenge, Monday 10/21/13

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The Daily Deskhenge, Monday 10/21/13


Happy Monday, my dears! Ok, I know it’s been tough for a lot of you these days, and “Happy Monday” is probably the last thing you want to hear. But a friend posted a quote from Hemingway on her Facebook newsfeed that speaks about enjoying the Now because it’s all we have, and if someone as far removed from the Dalai Lama as Papa Hemingway can find peace in the now, then I can too. So I’m sending you love and peace and a gentle admonition to breathe in and out in the now, and to relax into whatever your reality is at the moment. Hopefully this little reading will help.

On the left above we have a card about something to leave in the past. In this case, it’s The Hierophant: unhelpful and stagnant community, expectations of family and friends, rules, and ways of doing things that no longer serve you. It’s time to move on. Sometimes structures die from our lives by being blasted apart by The Tower or some other equally dramatic event. Other times reminders come up more gently, and that’s what’s happening here. Look around you at the communities and structures with which you’ve surrounded yourselves, the families you’ve created, the organizations you’re in. Are they not serving you? Are they not helping you along on your path? Maybe they’re providing “safe haven” when what you really need is “high seas.” Don’t be afraid to break out.

On the right above we have a card about what to let go of in the future. It’s the 4 of Cups, a card I tend to read as the card of divine disillusionment. Boredom, ennui, and a sort of sad and grumpy acceptance of the current state of emotional things as they are. You’re looking at what’s in front of you and aren’t very happy with it, but you’re not expecting more so you don’t see the Divine hand bringing in something new and literally waving it in front of your face. You’re being asked to release that pattern of behavior and belief in the future–let go of those limited expectations and beliefs about what is “supposed to be,” and let the Divine bring you something great.

Blessings …


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One thought on “The Daily Deskhenge, Monday 10/21/13

  1. Hi Karen–Glad to see this. I just could NOT get my day started today! WHEW! So I kinda did a few things around the house–okay, maybe not! LOL–Tuesdays are ALWAYS better 🙂 Thanks, Kathleen

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