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The Daily Deskhenge, Thursday 10/17/13


The Daily Deskhenge, 10/17/13

The Daily Deskhenge, 10/17/13


Good morning, friends! I hope everyone is doing well. Here in the SF Bay Area it’s been twenty-four years since the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, and we’re “celebrating” (if that’s the proper way to refer to it) by engaging in safety drills, practicing evacuation procedures, and basically doing whatever we can think of to do to remind ourselves that there are things we can do in the face of Nature’s fury. We can be ready by engaging in practical steps to help ourselves, and not relying on some vague hope that everything will be ok now. These concepts are reflected in today’s reading, which is laid out as follows: the center card, The World, represents the situation. The card to the left, the Knight of Cups, represents what can help us in the situation, and the card on the right, The High Priestess, represents what cannot help us. The Knights represent action in the Tarot: movement, seeking, questing, flowing forward with the energy of their particular suit. The High Priestess represents the unknown, the mysteries, and the divination/studies required to access the unknown properly. So, then. What do we have here?

The World is the situation. The World card represents completion and the bringing together of all previously disparate elements into a cohesive whole. The individual has completed her journey, and is now ready to move on. Everything is in place, and nothing is lacking. Yay! What can help us in this situation is to move forward with humility and respect for what we’ve been given during our previous journey. We’re carrying something with sacred potential now, something that will grow into something else–we are custodians of the sacred now, and maybe we always were. But the critical piece here is to MOVE. Move forward with what you’ve been given. That’s what you can do to help yourself. What cannot help us in this situation (irony of ironies) is divination. Delving further into the sacred to find answers is not the way right now. The Priestess cannot help you at this point. What you need is your horse, a saddle, a direction, and some faith. So get moving! Bring your great, grand, beautiful, complete new self out into the world and get to it!



Author: musesdarling

I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

4 thoughts on “The Daily Deskhenge, Thursday 10/17/13

  1. I have been finding these readings to be “spot on”! Especially today and yesterday! Brava! Unfortunately, I have problems commenting on the site–my computer “pings” me outta there 😦 And, I am a NON-techie! Thanks so much! love, Kathleen

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