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The Daily Deskhenge, Tuesday 10/15/13

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The Daily Deskhenge 10/15/13

The Daily Deskhenge 10/15/13


Good morning and happy Tuesday! Today’s Daily Deskhenge is brought to you by the Japanese and Ainu peoples (the Ainu are indigenous people in Japan). As you can see, the card on the left indicates what is influencing us in a positive way today, and the card on the right indicates negative influences. I’m also just noticing now that I when I put the crystals and stones into the layout, I pointed the crystal quartz at the top toward the Positive Influences without realizing I was doing it, so try to focus today on the positive elements of any situation.

Haya-Akitsu-Hime is the Shinto goddess of the sea. In this deck She serves as the Witch/Queen of the suit of Water, and her message is that everything flows to the sea. No matter how tied up we get in what we’re doing or what the significance is of our daily actions, everything eventually makes its way into the loving heart of the ocean. If something is troubling you, ask yourself if it will matter in a hundred years. Will anyone care? Maybe the answer is yes–if your actions affect your descendants or the environment, then yes, in a hundred years someone will care very much what action you take now, and you should take that action accordingly, with those generations in mind. But more often than not what troubles us are small things that make no difference to anyone tomorrow, let alone a hundred years from now. Let the Great Mother have it. Turn it over to Her and let it all flow away from you. And in terms of more direct influences, be watchful of the healing, cleansing nature of water in your life as both a metaphor for washing away what’s negative and draining and as a symbol of nourishment and the best potential for self-nurturing.

Kamui Fuchi is the Ainu goddess of the Hearth. She gathers gods, ancestors, ghosts, and the living around Her–we go to the hearth for nourishment, comfort, heat, rest, and the protection of our tribes. But sometimes this is exactly the opposite of what we need. Sometimes clinging too closely to the safety of what’s familiar and comfortable keeps us from reaching out for new opportunities. We stay in the nest, the womb, the comfort zone because it’s comfortable–a teacher and good friend of mine says that humans are “comfort-seeking missiles” and she’s right. And in this case it will get in your way. Don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable. You’ve got the Water Mother (above) watching your back. Another thing to keep in mind here is the legacy of negative self-talk that often comes down to us from the generations before us. In my own family there is a history of women running themselves down about being in the spotlight, about speaking up and being noticed. That’s a family story that I ignore every day when making this blog, and when doing readings in public. We also deal on a national level with the left-over stories from the Depression and the 20th-century wars that shape how we purchase, how we raise our children, and even how we look at buying a home. What do your family stories tell you? What are you telling yourself that may not be rooted in reality but instead may come from something that was faced by an ancestor three generations past that no longer is true for you? Pay attention to what moves you.



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