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The Daily Deskhenge Monday 10/14/13


The Daily Deskhenge Monday 10/14/13

The Daily Deskhenge Monday 10/14/13


Good morning and happy Monday! Today’s Daily Deskhenge features the Lenormand deck by Piatnik and Tierney Sadler’s Deck of Lenormand Houses. The Lenormand system for those of you who aren’t aware of it is a very straightforward, symbolic system of cartomancy wherein cards with pictures on them are laid and read in sets. The cards don’t exist in a vacuum the way Tarot cards can; Lenormand cards need each other to make meaning. A “House” is simply a position from the Grand Tableau in which one of the symbolic cards “lives” based on their numerical order. For example, the Bear in the center of the reading above “lives” in position number 15, so it has a number “15” on it. What cartomancers can do to deepen their readings, therefore, is to read sets of cards in different “Houses,” adding the meaning of that particular “House” to the symbolic picture card. Make sense? Let’s apply it to what we have above and see what the cards have for us today.

Starting at the top left, the card we’re looking at is The Garden, number 20. The Garden is the card of parties, society, friends and family, social media, clubs, meeting places, and the outdoors. The House it’s sitting in in this reading is “The Rider,” which is the House of news, messages, ideas, changes, and things happening quickly. So if we put The Garden into the house of The Rider, we get news coming to us soon about a party or gathering, or perhaps it’s an indication that when we are at a party or gathering we will receive important news.

The center cards put The Bear into the House of The Clover. The Bear is a symbol of great power, wealth, strength, finances, and abundance. It could symbolize a boss or other authority-type person. I tend to read the card as “Great Mother,” but that’s more a personal association I have with the Bear, a sense I have of the deep and powerful Sacred Feminine that is close to the earth and lives in cycles according to the seasons. The Clover is the House of good luck, opportunities, new possibilities, and surprises that could turn out well. So taking The Bear and adding the elements of The Clover to it, we get a lucky turn with our boss or someone in authority (maybe that Highway Patrol officer will let you off with just a warning instead of a ticket?) , or maybe financial planning for the future would be an advisable or auspicious thing to get into right now.

The cards on the right are a little gloomier. The Clouds are a sign of trouble and uncertainty, of unsettledness moving in and maybe bringing storms with them. Consider this a warning: now is the time to batten down those hatches and make sure you know where all your emergency supplies are. The Mountain is also a House of obstacles, delays, stagnation, apathy, and even denial. It’s bad enough being out in the elements during a storm, but are you in denial about your situation? Are you not seeing what’s actually going on? Putting The Clouds together with the Mountain, someone or something is trying to get your attention and give you a heads up. Ignoring trouble or opposition isn’t going to make it go away. Try to see the situation clearly and determine what’s going on, what your position is, and what your options are so that you can do what you can do to help yourself weather the rest of whatever comes.



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2 thoughts on “The Daily Deskhenge Monday 10/14/13

  1. I’m fascinated by this increasingly popular system. Up until this last year, I had not heard of the Lenormand system (not that that should imply anything tremendous – there are tons of things I don’t know or have never heard of.) This appears to be remarkably straight forward, which I like. At this point and time in my life, I’m finding that the subtle messages are being missed and the 2by4 messages just hurt and make me want to hide in a pillow fort. Surely there is a halfway point: clarity with substance? Sadly, the human use manual doesn’t appear to have a recent revision – last one was about 10k years ago left on cave walls and it would seem we’ve been working with patch-updates ever since. I’d like to stop using work-arounds if you please.

    Thanks for the wonderful reading.

  2. You’re so welcome. And yeah, I really like the straightforwardness of this system. It’s taking me a little while to learn, but there are SO many good teachers out there now that it’s much easier to learn than in the past. Let me know if you have questions and I’ll do my best to either answer them or point you in the right direction. Thanks! 🙂

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