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The Daily Deskhenge, Friday 10/11/13

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Happy Friday, everyone!

The Daily Deskhenge, Friday 10/11/13

The Daily Deskhenge, Friday 10/11/13


It rules that today is Friday and the first card is Freya. 🙂

Anyway, today’s Daily Deskhenge is brought to you in part by the desire to know what’s coming before it comes. I can’t help it. It’s something that’s driven me since I was a little girl: wanting to know what’s going to happen, when the meteor is going to hit, when the earthquake is going to come, when the storms will come back. Maybe it’s my love of fiction and story, or maybe I’m just trying to be prepared both mentally and physically. Either way, today’s reading includes a request to know what kind of surprises are in store, in addition to knowing what to leave behind both now and in the future. Freya, the Norse goddess of love, sexuality, and fertility, is here telling us to let go of previous ways of loving and understanding love. This is a big issue for me right now, this letting go of previous ways. I’m being reminded that for new things to enter, the old things must leave and make room. How can we let go? Is it by conjuring images of ourselves in previous situations that ended badly and then burning them in our mind’s fires? Do we shred them for Freya’s cats’ heavenly litter box of love remnants? Whatever it takes, let go of how you used to do things, how you used to think of yourself in relationships, and what you used to think your role was. Let it go. Let the cats have it all. As anyone who keeps cats will tell you, they usually end up with it anyway. But wait! There’s more! More letting go, that is. The Sphinx (also a cat), an ancient representative of holding one’s peace amidst the ravages of daily life, brings an element of solidity and the security of sameness to the reading which also must be let go. Shun it when it appears on your horizons. Don’t be afraid to see it for what it is, and reject it when it comes because you know what it brings. You know, and it will not serve you. Reject it, and don’t be afraid. And since something nice must follow something scary in my world, be comforted: something wonderful is coming, and it will catch you by surprise–you have to pass through the wild and terrifying world of letting go first, but the landing will be much softer and sweeter than your frightened mind can conceive of right now.

Bright blessings…


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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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