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Welcome back! The Daily Deskhenge, Thursday 10/10/13

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Welcome back to the Daily Deskhenge! Your Oracle has been haunted by all things divination lately, and so she decided that it’s time to start putting together the stones and bones to see what they have to say again.


The Daily Deskhenge, Thursday 10/10/13

The Daily Deskhenge, Thursday 10/10/13

The decks I’m using are Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s Dark Goddess Tarot and Tierney Sadler’s Deck of 1000 Spreads. The stones are, from the top, labradorite, citrine, quartz, amethyst, and fluorite. I picked these stones because they’re shiny and sparkly and make me happy, and they seem to bring a brightness to the reading that the cards belie severely. As you can see from Tierney’s layout cards, I’ve made a two-card spread to show what the card is for today on the left and what is floating around underneath it all trying to get up in your business today on the right. You’ll see that the card for the day is Dhumavati, the Hindu Widow Goddess of shadow and ashes. She represents what is ugly and unattractive (physically), and is often shown riding on a crow or a horseless carriage. When she appears in a reading, the meaning is two-fold at least: on the one hand, she represents what is stagnant and seriously going NOWHERE in society or life in general. I mean, imagine you’re in a horeseless carriage. Have fun sitting there doing nothing. She’s usually considered unlucky and inauspicious.  However, as is usually the case with such things, there is another side: sanctity and depth and great tenderness. The stories say that she is tremendously tender-hearted with her devotees and will usually grant all their wishes. They also say that she grants super-powers (I DARE you to try to convince me you haven’t asked for a superpower at least once in your life 😉 ), and is the one at the end of the Universe who sits in the chaos and destruction of all things. So how is this a card for today? Lorenzi-Prince in the Dark Goddess book says that the appearance of this card indicates that what appears unlucky becomes sacred. I love this idea. How can what seems most hopeless and broken and ugly be in fact something sacred from which we can learn?

The unconscious desires that float beneath the ashes of the widow indicate a desire to find a teacher or general guidance in navigating strange and/or difficult waters. We are looking for the inner hero in ourselves, and we need a teacher to help us get there  (and Scáthach is the Scottish battle goddess who taught and trained the mythical Irish hero Cú Chulainn in the arts of war and battle). It’s important to recognize this as a hidden motivation because if you are at all like me, your expectations of people tend to be rather high in the first place, so acknowledging that you are hunting for someone to teach and train you is helpful when dealing with people who are not and can never be those teachers. Lighten up on those ones, and don’t expect things of them that they can’t deliver. Save your high expectations for the true master, and let everyone else be as they are.



Author: musesdarling

I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

One thought on “Welcome back! The Daily Deskhenge, Thursday 10/10/13

  1. Absolutely wonderful and timely to have you back!
    With so much chaos in the world right now, true leadership and teaching is desperately needed. The common path for life isn’t common anymore and we need those who can guide us both spiritually and practically down those paths that are so new – new enough that they aren’t just the paths less trodden, they are the roads never before traveled.

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