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The Daily Deskhenge Thursday 9/13/12

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The Daily Deskhenge (featuring the Piatnik Lenormand deck):

The thing I’m noticing with these Lenormand (and related cartomancy) decks is how blunt they are. It’s kind of like talking to somebody who has no conversational filters. In my experience the Tarot speaks in waves, with metaphors and colors and varying shades of music and meaning. The cartomancy decks are more like getting a two-by-four to the head. There’s no mistaking the intention or meaning of a two-by-four to the head. Don’t get me wrong: the Tarot has often delivered me a less-than-musical whallop from the Cosmic Frying-Pan to the Head. But I’ve felt dreamier using the Tarot than I do with these cards. There’s room for movement and dance around the cards when I use the Tarot, but the experience is much less dancey and dreamy when I use these little brass-knuckles of love and wisdom here. For example, just look at the spread above (from left to right): there are diverging paths. Choices to be made, ways to go laid out and marked for those who follow you. There’s even a little signpost and a huge tree standing out in a field, so you can create directions later on that say, “Turn left at the big-tree crossroads.” Then as you’re walking along, tra la, all happy because you’ve got your good and unconfusing directions all laid out, BAM! There’s a snake in the path. He looks mean, too. And hungry. AVOID THE HUNGRY, MEAN SNAKE. More choices: how will you get past it? Will you feed it? Kill it? Try to jump over it? Your call (although good luck with that last one; I’ve tried jumping over snakes in dreams when they’re in my path, and it NEVER works). Once you get past the snake, you’re home free. Literally. There’s a nice, pretty little homecoming awaiting you, complete with roof-turret, circular driveway, green shutters, and a colonnaded portico.

So, what have we learned? Choose your path (and remember your landmarks), watch out for the nasty creepsy tricksy along the way, and you’ll get home just fine. Be careful in whom you place your trust–the snakes in our lives rarely have a sign around their necks that say, “I’m the snake. Just FYI.”


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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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