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The Daily Deskhenge, Monday 9/10/12

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The Daily Deskhenge (featuring the “Biedermeier Aufschlagkarten” cartomancy deck):

Today’s daily deskhenge features the German Aufschlagkarten cartomancy deck by Biedermeier. It’s another of the cartomancy decks with which I’ve become so fascinated lately. The idea is the same as with the Lenormand deck(s), but the symbols/images are different. In this layout, I’m using the “pairs” spread where the card on the left represents the “noun” of the pair and the card on the right represents the “adjective” that modifies the noun. Today’s cards are the Judge (the noun) and the Sweetheart–Female Lover (the adjective). We are being admonished in this pair to judge the truth and justice of the situation with compassion, and mercy; to effectively judge with our hearts rather than our heads. Be merciful, and form your opinions based on the most charitable conclusions about others and yourself, not the most rigorously law-abiding.


Be careful around the judge who’s hearing your case because he/she just might be the lover of the cop who pulled you over and gave you the ticket in the first place. How much would THAT suck? 😉


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