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The Daily Deskhenge, 9/7/12

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The Daily Deskhenge (featuring “The Dust Bunny Lenormand” by Marcia McCord):

Today’s Daily Deskhenge proves that the Universe has a sense of humor: We’ve gone META, people!! 😉 I’m using Marcia McCord’s “The Dust Bunny Lenormand” deck again today, so the meanings associated with the images are different than they would be for the Tarot. In the world of Lenormand cartomancy, the Moon is indicative of psychic abilities, dreams, and the world of the unseen–kind of like the Cartomancy Gods saying, “This card is a card about reading cards HA HA.” And the Letter card means communication, mostly of a written sort, or messages of some kind. So taken together they indicate that today’s energy is about receiving messages from the Divine via the written word. (The Daily Deskhenge, anyone? 😀 )

The admonition here would be to pay attention to the words you read around you: are you seeing the same words showing up all over the place? Letter/number combinations in phone numbers or on billboards or the television? Did you receive a letter today? I know, I know, nobody writes anymore, but still: did you get someone else’s mail by mistake? Pay attention to that. Did you see any words in your dreams? Write those down. What about emails? And looked at from the other side, how can you be the messenger of the Divine for someone else today? Have you been holding off writing a thank-you note because you’ve just had too many other things to do? Today is the day to write that note. Somebody needs to hear from you. We may never know the effect our words can have on another person, so let go of having to know and just reach out.


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