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Wednesday, 9/5/12

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The Daily Deskhenge (featuring the “Mary-El Tarot” by Marie White and “Annapurrna Maarjaara” by Holly DeFount):

Today’s daily deskhenge is coming to you a little late, and I’m sorry for that. The physical interferes. 😉 Anyway, I’m using the same layout as yesterday: Shadow and Light. The two cards that appeared for today are the Four of Swords (on the Shadow side) and the Five of Swords (on the Light side). I’m reading that as a unity for today–what I mean by that is that this process of moving with light and shadow is tighter and more self-referential today, and definitely more “mind” oriented. The Four of Swords is often read as a card of rest, of deliberately taking a step back from active thinking, of letting it flow without any contribution from the Self other than just being present. The Shadow side of that, however, is ignorance. It’s fiddling while Rome burns (or, in the case of the image on the card, while the smoke stacks pour clouds of smoke into the sky). Maybe it’s just steam that they’re pumping out, or maybe it’s radioactive Cesium. You don’t know, and whether or not you find out is up to you. Representing the Light side today is the Five of Swords: the card representing a return to active thought after the passivity of the Four. I’ve often heard this card defined as “Defeat,” or “Hollow Victory.” It could be, but the images in this deck (the fabulous “Mary-El Tarot”) suggest something else. I read the energies here as being not ready. It’s very human to want to share a great new idea with the world, and the Fives are all about humanity itself, but to do so before that idea is ready is akin to heaving a baby out the door into the wilderness with a note in his/her little hand that says, “Good luck, Love Mom!” Ideas need to be sheltered, fed, protected, watched over, and quite literally grown. So move forward in the light, but move forward slowly and with thought, with deliberation.

The image at the top of the photo is a drawing by Holly DeFount of one of her cats, “Annapurrna Maarjaara” (for the full story about Annapurrna, see Holly’s blog here: Annapurna is both a mighty mountain in the Himalayas and the Hindu goddess of feasts and of being fed. Her admonition here is to feed your ideas actively and mindfully, taking everything into account and nothing for granted. What you feed is what you become.


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