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Friday, November 11, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Rounding up this week’s exploration of how we are in the elements, today we have the 3 of Pentacles to help explain how we are in the element of Water. After three previous Cups cards in each of the three previous elements, getting the 3 of Pentacles in Water strikes me as being really cool. It reads to me like in matters of the heart, we are all journeymen, craftspeople trying our best to make something beautiful and personal and long-lasting out of our emotional truth. I’m also feeling a kind of warning here: this card has a sense of creating to specifications, like building or making something for someone else according to their plans. Is that how you are with your heart? Do  you sacrifice your own good way for how others have done relationships before you? The wisdom here is to make what is good and beautiful and right for yourself, and do a good job of it. Please yourself, and don’t be lazy.

But emotional reality is not the only thing represented by elemental Water. Deep, dark water is where Sacred Mystery lives, where the holiness of the Unknown is called up. Following the path that others have laid down is important when you are navigating uncertain waters (unless you are REALLY brave, and I mean like Erik-the-Red-Discovering-A-New-Continent brave, or St.-Brendan-Crossing-The-Atlantic-In-A-Rowboat brave. This kind of exploration, the willingness to put it all on the line for the sake of discovery, is part of what it means to be in the element of Water (although I personally am neither that brave nor that devoted to “eXtreme Spirit Sports,” but still, ya gotta be willing to get out of your comfort zone at least a little bit and go splash around on one of those Atlantic beaches, even if you decide not to jump into the nearest dinghy and start rowing). The Unknown is embraced in this element; there is mystery and strangeness here pretty much as a matter of course. Floundering about is definitely one way to navigate, but I wouldn’t say it’s the *best* way. 😉  So being led by others’ pathways can be a good and solid way to proceed. Having said that, it’s important to remember not to let other people do your walking for you along those pathways. Find teachers and guides and listen to them, learn from them, but realize that *you* are the one with her feet on the road. It’s YOUR life. Looking at the card above, YOU are the one with the tool in your hand. This is your opportunity to display judgment and discernment, and not a slavish devotion to others.


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