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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Today’s deskhenge looks at how we can work with the element of Air. The card for the day for this is the Two of Cups; interestingly enough, yesterday’s “Earth” card was one of the Cups as well. The Two of Cups is about love, harmony, agreements, and choice: choosing the partner who is right for you. It’s very emotional, of course, but there’s a mental element involved as well–there is a coming together of both opposites (male, female) and a coming together of similar elements (our couple even looks alike). Opposities and similarities are aligned and reconciled through the union.  There is nothing standing in their way.

The symbolism of this card can be airy as well: not only are there clear skies, but there’s a caduceus with a lion on top blessing the union. The caduceus in Greek mythology is the staff of Hermes, the messenger of the Gods. It is sometimes portrayed as having two snakes winding around it and it has wings at the top. Here, Hermes comes as a Lion (perhaps as the astrological symbol Leo, or maybe the Lion from the Strength card). Wild passions have been conquered and appropriately harnessed for service to the union.

The wisdom here seems to be about keeping control of the emotional vehicle, and not letting the passions drive. Not yet, anyway.


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