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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Today and for the rest of the week we’re going to explore what we need to be within each element right now. Today’s element is Earth, and the card that came up (coincidentally, for those of you who believe in coincidences) is the Page of Cups. I say “coincidentally” because the Pages as a group are sometimes associated with the element of Earth (and the Kings with Air, the Queens with Water, and the Knights with Fire), so we’ve got a representative of Earth to help us discover how best to work with this element. The Page of Cups has always indicated a sweet, emotional, daydreamy energy to me, right down to the talking fish and the pink sleeves. How can this card be anything other than sincere emotional honesty and a desire to know and understand the mysteries, when the main character is listening to a fish? The fish, as a representative denizen of the deep, can be imagined to be telling the Page what he needs to do to maneuver the dangers and difficulties of the unknown. A very whimsical imagining, indeed.

So how can this help us be more embodied in the element of Earth? Perhaps the Page, who along with his brother/sister Pages of Swords, Wands, and Pentacles represents beginnings and beginner’s mind, comes to tell us that when we work in the element of Earth, it’s important to remember to acknowledge our emotions. Be true to whatever emotional reality is coming up for you in the moment: yes, you hate exercising. Lots of us do. But you’re doing it anyway because your doctor/spouse/parents/friends yell at you if you don’t, and at heart you know they’re right. And the exercising you’re doing is difficult but you enjoy it, so you keep doing it even when it hurts, or you have moments of feeling like you look like a complete idiot, or others know how to do it better than you, or basically the gods haven’t yet created the ugly duckling that’s uglier or clumsier than you. Does this sound familiar? So the Page is saying, “Hey, emotional stuff comes up when we work our bodies. That’s what happens. So instead of being mean to yourself or a super-jerk, try being ok with being a beginner, or slower, or heavier, or just different than others (or even different than you yourself were 20 years ago). Cry if you want to; it’s ok. Just explore how it feels to be inside a body.” How does it feel to wash your hands in warm water as opposed to cold? How does it feel to stop eating when you’re full instead of cleaning your plate? How do your feet feel in your shoes? Let yourself be however you are right now, wherever you are. Let yourself be a beginner.


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