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Friday, November 4, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

I’m back from the wars, friends, and creating deskhenges again hooray!! 🙂

Today’s deskhenge is about getting rid of people, and *NO* I don’t mean calling a guy who knows a guy. I mean looking around in your life to see who is there and deciding with heart and truth if anybody needs to be energetically “let go.” Your Oracle has been wondering this herself recently, and so this spread was born. The Tower card (center) jumped out of the deck when I was shuffling, so it represents the energy embracing/overarching/suffusing the whole thing. Yeah, yikes. The card on the left (Wheel of Fortune) represents *who* should be let go, and the card on the right (Lovers) represents *how* they should be let go. The Tower is showing me that this letting go process won’t be easy. It will cause upheaval if I go through with it, and might be the source of great upsetness and gnashing of teeth (if it refers to the person I’m thinking of, and NO it’s not *you*; it’s someone I’m pretty sure doesn’t read this blog). The people closest to us who cause the most damage are often the ones that are the most difficult for us to let go of, so naturally the Tower is going to represent this process. If it didn’t cause upheaval and some amount of pain, then that relationship REALLY shouldn’t have been happening in the first place.

The “Who” is represented by the Wheel of Fortune. Are you pinning your hopes and dreams on someone coming around to your way of seeing/thinking about things? Are you thinking that maybe if only Fate would take a hand, everything would be grand (watch out, I’m armed and rhyming)? Well, it’s probably time to stop thinking like that. Luck may be a Lady and all that, but that’s no reason to turn responsibility for your happiness over to her. Now I’m not saying you should kick luck/Fate in the balls and set it on fire. I’m saying that if someone represents Fate or Luck for you in your life, like your Dream Man/Woman/Partner or your Dream Job or your Lucky Postal Carrier, it’s time to let go of that representation.

The “How” is really cool here. Love, harmony, and unity represent how to let the person go. That may seem like a contradiction in terms, or an impossibility, but I think it might not be. The challenge is to let go of the idealization of the  person/job/postal carrier (not the *actual* person/whatever) with forgiveness, compassion, and loving understanding for yourself. Forgive yourself for holding the ideal that isn’t helping you; don’t think of it as a mistake if that’s how you beat yourself up. Don’t think of it as just another way you’ve screwed things up. Rather, think of it as a blessing of magical thinking that was very helpful to you during a difficult time, but now that time is over and it’s time to start practicing more grounded thinking. Going all Chuck Norris on your own ass is understandable, but not helpful because it sends us screaming into “please don’t stomp on me Mr. Chuck Norris” mode; when I get too hard on myself, the last thing I do is listen to the still, small voice whispering wisdom–I’m too busy looking for somewhere to hide (cigarettes, food, alcohol, etc.). But if I’m loving and gentle and compassionate and understanding with myself, I can (and actually just *did*) hear my Higher Self telling me what I need to know.


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