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Friday, October 28, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

So to continue along this theme of who’s helping you out and who’s dragging you down, today’s spread is the ever-lovely Thalassa’s Good Witch/Bad Witch spread. The card on the left, the 5 of Cups, is the Bad Witch. This is the energy (manifesting as either a person or a situation, or even a part of yourself) that you want to shut down or avoid; she’s the energy that will throw everything up to and including flying monkeys at you to get you to take off your magic shoes. The card on the right, the 10 of Cups, is the Good Witch. She can be a person [doesn’t have to be female, of course], a situation, or again a part of yourself, your better nature), and you definitely want to send the Munchkins along to her crystal palace to beg for her help.

The 5 of Cups, our Bad Witch, is a card of despondency and refusal to see the bright side of a bad situation. There is reason to mourn here, and that’s what makes it worse: the Bad Witch is cloaked in righteous suffering and she’s not going to see the positive (the two cups behind her) until she’s good and done grieving for the loss of the other three. What makes this the card of the Bad Witch is that it’s taken to extremes. No amount of comfort will talk the Bad Witch out of her mood. No common sense will get through to her. She will rant and rave and absolutely REFUSE to move on until perhaps it’s too late. Look around in your life: is there anything you are overreacting about? Even if it hurts to admit, consider the possibility. It’s not too late yet.

The 10 of Cups, our Good Witch,  is speaking pretty much the same emotional language as the 5 of Cups, but the words are different and the attitude is whole and healthy. There is reason to celebrate here. Let your emotions, your love, flow into you like the river flowing through this card. You’ve faced the pain present in the 5 of Cups; now let it wash away. Release it, says the wisdom of the 10. This is what the Bad Witch in the 5 doesn’t want. She wants you to hold onto that pain forever, to let it define you from this day until the day you die (and maybe beyond). The Good Witch counsels you to let it all go, and be free of it. Don’t linger over it. Let your Inner Child dance–she’s mourned enough.


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  1. Adieu and Amen!

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