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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Ok, new moon wow: we’re not very grounded right now, are we? But there’s lots of good (even great) help available–see how all the non-stone/non-card items (bones, dice, runes, gnome) fell on the left side of today’s spread? That’s the card that represents how we use power in our lives in ways that *help* us, and having all that extra mojo over there on the “Helps” team is really good news. [And yeah, that’s a little green gnome over there on the left side of the King of Swords card. He’s even got a teeny sack on his back. He represents Ancestors and Earth People–not elementals, but the ancient Earth ones like leprechauns, kontumble and fairies, just to name a few. I like to think his sack is full of helper tools that the Ancestors use to help us as we go through our lives.] The other card, the Wheel of Fortune, shows us how we use power in our lives in ways that *hurt* us. And the good news is that nothing extra landed over there–we’re the only ones hurting ourselves, thank you very much.

The King of Swords is full-blast about ideas coming into fruition, thoughts made manifest, and I often think of him as the Sky God of the Tarot. The 8 showing up on the dice beneath his card is the number of the orisha Obatala, the Chief of the White Cloth, the one who is associated with air, mountains, elder wisdom, thoughtfulness, cool rationality, and other things related to wisdom and clarity. The power represented there indicates that we’re using our heads in making decisions, getting as much data as we can, and being as judicious and fair and clear in our process as is humanly possible. So yay on that. The bad news is that when we’re not in alignment, we tend to think God/the Gods/Fate will take care of whatever needs taking care of, and we kind of surrender our responsibility to whatever Higher Power we relate most to. This is not a good thing. It’s understandable, but it’s not good. Are you out with the #occupywallstreet protesters, yelling and screaming and jumping up and down without knowing why you’re doing it, but just vibing off the community energy of protest and discontent? That’s not good. That’s giving your power away and surrendering your sense of responsibility to Fate. Be aware of that tendency heading into this New Moon period of darkness: keep hold of your power until the moon comes back out and you can see more clearly who is so eager to take it from you.


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