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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Today I’ve been pondering the differences between the “me” I show the world and the “me” I really am, and thought it would be a good Deskhenge topic/spread. The card on the left, Justice, represents what you truly are. The card on the right, the 7 of Wands, represents what you show the world. Not the same, right? It’s interesting that somehow we get caught up in the frantic busy-ness of everyday life and we forget our own true nature. This spread may not represent you exactly, or it may be more a representation of me than of you, but the challenge is to see where the differences are between your true soul-self and what you show the world. This reading has us as solemn, judicial beings at heart, fair and honest, wise, clear-headed, taking emotions into account when the situation calls for it but not being ruled by them, keeping our own counsel, and being ruled by clear common sense. But the face we show the world is very different: youthful in a non-wise sense, frantic, beset, under attack from at least the front (if not from all sides at once), green in the sense of being inexperienced, and hardly standing on solid ground. For heaven’s sake, we’re not even wearing matching shoes! (And I’ll take as a pointed instruction to myself that the poor dude in the 7 card desperately needs a haircut.)

So why the difference? How would the Judge in the Justice card react if s/he found herself transported to the landscape of the 7 of Wands card? Where would Justice set up her seat? How would she handle the attackers? Conversely, how would the person in the 7 of Wands comport himself in the Justice card? I have this image in my mind’s eye of him kind of lounging across the judge’s seat, legs dangling over the side, maybe playing with the scales the way a child would, not knowing how to answer anyone who came to him for wisdom.

My thought on all of this is that perhaps we *are* the calm, judicious being when we are most ourselves, perhaps when we are calm and quiet, by ourselves. But when we face life and it’s constant hurly-burly of activity, we lose that calm. Maybe the wisdom for today is to find our inner Judge and bring him/her out. Put her in charge of dealing with the attacking wands (demands, ideas, thoughts, concerns), and judge them according to their true merits rather than the hyped-up sense of importance we give them in the heat of battle.


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