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Thursday, October 20, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Good afternoon, friends! Today’s deskhenge is again showing us what’s hidden, and again, what’s hidden that’s hurting us on the left (The Devil) and what’s hidden that’s helping us (the Page of Wands) on the right. Yesterday the theme was “movement” and it was *really* clear in the cards: both figures were moving through their elements, both were facing away from the front of the card, both dressed for travel. Today’s theme also contains some “movement” energy, but it’s not quite as obvious. There are powerful forces working with you right now, and equally powerful forces trying to trip you up. And before you start to worry that some creepy Beelzebub is wrapping himself around your feet, the energy that is trying to slow you down, that hurtful energy, could very well be *you* getting in your own way. That’s the worst thing about addiction, which is an energy well represented by the Devil over there: it’s us doing it to ourselves. We have reasons, of course, and excuses, and occasionally those reasons/excuses for our addictions are good. But it’s still an addiction that needs looking into and further examination because right now, that energy is trying like Hell (pardon the pun) to get you off course. If it’s you, knock it off. If it’s NOT you, start protecting yourself with power thoughts, strong protective prayer, and solid FOCUS on what you’re doing while you’re doing it. You’ll be able to tell on a very basic level if you’re the one doing it to yourself by going inward, turning off all thoughts, projections, and expectations, and just sitting with the possibility that you’re your own worst enemy right now. How does it feel? Does it have the ring of truth to it? If so, start monitoring your thoughts. Where are you letting yourself off the hook? Where are you justifying addictive behavior? If it doesn’t have the ring of truth, turn your attention outward, start paying attention to your surroundings, and bring in your big prayer guns–start asking for protection, and ask for any negative energy to be removed from you and returned to wherever it came from.

The energy that’s helping is something brand new, fresh, interesting, and exciting. Yay! It may be a new way of thinking about an old problem, or a new perspective. New energy is what this card is often about, and it’s snazzy. You can practically *feel* the jazz hands, it’s so snazzy! Let the energy fill up your tank. Just don’t get carried away by it, and think long and hard if someone comes to you with a proposition involving travel. Make sure that kind of actual, physical movement is in alignment with your highest self, your goals, and your needs. Don’t just get swept away by Mr. SnazzyPants’s enthusiasm.


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