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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Whoa and holy cats, people! Movement, movement, movement! What’s going on here? The card on the left (the 6 of Swords) represents what’s hidden and hurting you, and the card on the right (the 8 of Cups) represents what’s hidden and helping you. Both show people turned away and moving on, both have this sense inherent in them of leaving something behind, of being finished. It’s tricky, looking at what looks like similar energy and trying to figure out how on the one hand it helps, and on the other hand it detracts. There’s a strong presence of Ancestors or other Helper Beings in the card on the right, but the card on the left has a sense of being driven, of being ferried from one place to another, so the sense of otherworldly helpers is present there too.

So here’s how Your Oracle breaks it down: letting other people (actual physically incarnated people) decide your path and your destination for you (AND your mode of transportation from Point A to Point B) is no good. Letting someone else make those decisions for you is absolutely not helpful. Part of the medicine of this stage of the journey is learning to manage your travel arrangements yourself. Get help from your trusted guides, the ones you pray to. But the decision ultimately lies with *you*. Whenever this sort of thing comes up for me, I spend a few days in deer-in-the-headlights mode, then another day or two in STUDY-ABSOLUTELY-EVERY-SIGN-EVERYWHERE-ABOUT-EVERYTHING mode, and then inevitably I chill out and realize that there is no wrong way, no wrong decision, no bad choice. When it’s up to me, the only bad thing I can do is not choose. So when you’re wondering who to ask about how to do that thing you need to get done, how to get from Point A to Point B, STOP. Try to figure it out for yourself first.


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