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Monday, October 17, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Today’s Daily Deskhenge is back to our standard structure, with a little twist: both cards represent what’s hidden right now, but the card on the left (the 9 of Pentacles) represents what’s hurting you and the card on the right (The Tower) represents what’s helping you. Weird, right? How many of us look at The Tower and think, “Ooooh! I want THAT in my life!”? I’m guessing not too many. It looks scary and violent and utterly biblical in it’s smiting-lightning-bolt-from-heaven theme. So how can that be helpful? Well, do you have something in your life that you just can’t get out of your way? Is there something blocking you, something keeping you from moving forward with your plans? The Universe is about to blast it out of your way. You haven’t been able to move it yourself, so somebody from Out There is going to move it for you. These kinds of changes are often shocking and dramatic, so be careful to stay positive and keep on the lookout for the bright side.

What’s hurting you right now might be the sense that you think you know best. I *HATE* it when I get the Cosmic Smackdown about this (which is often). This might actually be what’s triggering the incoming bolt from the blue: if you’ve found yourself recently in a complacent place, or just in that place where you don’t think anything new can happen, or anything *else* could possibly happen, you’re about to find out that that “finding” has been incorrect. The good news is that this is a good thing. If you have a practice of working with your ancestors, reach out to them and ask them for support and strength through whatever’s coming up. And if you don’t have that practice (which is totally cool), reach out to your guides, Angels, teachers, or whomever is in charge Over There for you, and ask them for support.


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