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Thursday, October 13, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Good afternoon, Gentle Readers! I hope everybody is doing well today. 🙂

Today’s Deskhenge looks a little different. I needed to do a spread for myself to help clarify an issue, and rather than bore you with those tedious details, I thought I’d just tell you what each position means and why I picked the stones I picked (over there on the left), so that if you ever feel compelled to set up your own deskhenge in your office or place of business, you’ll see that it can be with anything, and about anything that matters to *you*.

The stones are more important than usual today because I’m feeling really buffeted by those funky winds of fate lately, so they had to be really solid earthy stones that root me to my ancestors. The brown rock on the top is my Human Ancestors stone from the Sterkfontein Caves in South Africa–this rock reminds me how old we are as a species, and how small and transitory my little problems are. It’s also a reminder of how far my lineages had to come to get me where I am today, and that while my life is very different than the life of one of those ancestors from 150,000 years ago, I’m still human just like them, and we have a lot in common. The green crystal in the middle is the stone I use to remind me of my Irish ancestors on my Mother’s side. We are very sensitive and rather fabulously neurotic in this time and place, but I wonder what we were like back then. Our sensitivity wouldn’t have been a detriment–we wouldn’t have been trying stoically all the time to rein in our emotions or to rule ourselves 24/7 with logic and clear-headed neoclassical Roman thinking, all to avoid the greatest cut of all: being labeled “hysterical” by others. We would have been deeply and immediately in touch and in flow with our environment and with multiple dimensions and the other-than-human beings who inhabited those places and dimensions (including this one). I like to think that this stone is representative of my people when we were not at war with ourselves. The clear crystal below that (quartz crystal) is simply an amplifier. The reddish stone below that is a piece of red calcite, which is a calming stone for warriors. It also looks like the flesh of another great other-than-human ancestor of this place in which I live now: the Coho Salmon. Salmon is sacred to many indigenous people, and I love that the warrior and the Salmon come together in one stone like this here. Underneath the red calcite is my Tarot deck, which is hopefully soaking up that fearless warrior energy so that I’m never afraid to read the cards and tell the truth.

The spread itself is simple: The card bottom center (the Knight of Swords) represents me right now (going Mach II with my hair on fire, and my poor horse all bug-eyed going, “Dude,WTF??”); the card to the right (the 5 of Swords) represents what’s helping me in the situation right now (I’m winning, but at a cost); the card to the left (the three of Pentacles) shows what’s hurting me (other people’s rules, plans, stipulations, contracts, brokering, ideas, implementations); and the card on the top in the center (the 6 of Pentacles) is the final outcome (depending on whether I’m the giver or the recipient, it could be good or great). The cards on the upper right (The Sun, the 6 of Swords) represent what’s coming next for me: the up-side might be that it is all out in the open, clear-minded and clear-hearted, and will probably involve travel; the down-side might be that I’ll be stuck in a slow-moving boat with somone else setting the pace for me getting where I’m going, and me being out in the BLAZING sun with no shelter and nowhere to hide or rest.

So that’s how I use my little bits and pieces to keep myself grounded and held-together during the day. What can you use to let the parts of yourself speak to one another?


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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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