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Thursday, September 29, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Well, yesterday’s deskhenge with the Tower card and Crossroads rune indicating change whether I liked it or not came true for me: I was in a traffic accident last night that damn near totaled my car. I’m loopy today but unhurt (hopefully; they say injuries can appear after the shock wears off). So today’s deskhenge is me asking what unseen thing about the accident is helping me (The Empress, on the left) and what seen thing about the accident is helping me (the 4 of Pentacles, on the right). Something about the accident is bringing me more in touch with my physical being, my girlie self. And the accident will hopefully bring me into greater financial balance and solidity. (Wishful thinking? 🙂 )

So if you took a look at these cards and applied them to your life, ask yourself: How is the empress working behind the scenes to manifest in my life through certain events? Also ask how those events are manifesting in material ways that you can see. For example, yeah my car is probably going to be totaled by the insurance company, but I will get a new car out of it (or a “new to me” car). Look a little deeper if at first you don’t see anything.

(Ed.: I know this deskhenge is short and only marginally coherent, and I apologize for that. I’m tired and loopy and might try to come at it again tomorrow from a more divine-y place to see if it makes more sense.)


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