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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

So, today’s message seems kind of clear, at least on the level of visual symbolism: I/you/we reap what I/you/we sow. How did I get to this, you ask? Well, Gentle Reader, I put myself in the position of the Alchemist in the Temperance card (on the left, in the “What’s Hidden” position), mixing up a brew of whatever; I then see myself getting handed the cup in the Ace of Cups card (on the right, in the “What’s Revealed” position) so that I can drink up the potion that I’ve created. Simple, right? We’ve all heard the proverb in one form or another: you reap what you sow. So on that level, the reading is perhaps inviting us to look at our current circumstances and ask ourselves what our culpability or responsibility is in those circumstances.

Oh, but wait! Look at those particular cards again: the Alchemist in the Temperance card is actually an Angel, and the hand coming out of the clouds in the Ace of Cups is often read as the hand of the Divine. With this interpretation in mind, I can’t take responsibility for what’s happening to me now because the agents of change here are divine, not me (or perhaps they *are* me, but the “Higher-Self-Connected-to-Divinity” me, not the “Hates-Coloring-My-Own-Hair-and-Loves-HoHos” me). Fate is working here, and we’re being asked to drink the cup that’s before us whether it smells like poo or not.

So which is it? Have I created my own reality that I must now take responsibility for? Or am I a leaf in the Divine Wind, acting, moving, and living according to forces utterly beyond my control? Maybe it isn’t an either-or type of thing. Maybe there are times in our lives when the former is true and other times when the latter is true. Or maybe now is one of those times when *both* are true: when God (however you perceive and experience the Divine to be real for you) and we are co-creating our lives. Maybe all we have to do is assemble the ingredients of what we want and then ask for that Divine spark to be added: we present the big bowl of Us to the Divine through our prayers, and it goes into the Universal Mixmaster of Love and Life and Mystery and Cheese, and when it’s done we get it back. It may not be in the form we were expecting, or at the time we were expecting it, but it’s back and it’s ours. And when I say “ours,” I mean God’s and yours together—the Divine is your bartender right now, shaking and stirring that martini you made. 🙂 So drink up!


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