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Monday, September 19, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

The card on the left (the Place of Trees) is representing the interior life right now, what’s going on that’s unseen. The Place of Trees is about being in a happy place, a good place. The seated figure in the card is a goddess of both life and death, and she’s seated in her garden in between the trees of Knowledge and Life–I think it’s safe to surmise that the garden in question is Eden, or heaven. The Place of Trees speaks to us of home, of comfort and of origins, of all elements being at their source. (Note that the double-handled axe in the card does *not* represent a warrior god the way it does in Yoruban or Scandinavian divine representations; here it is the “labrys,” which in the art of this period throughout Crete is always associated with the female. Still, I find it interesting that it appears here, because I have connections to the Orisha Shango, who is represented in the aforementioned Yoruban spiritual structure of Ifá by a double axe.) The connection of this card is to feeling safe, feeling rooted and connected and at home.

The card on the right, the 10 of Birds, is similar in context and meaning to the 10 of Swords in the Rider Waite Smith deck. You know the one: it scares the shizz out of anybody who sees it: it’s the “extreme acupuncture” card. Some poor dude is flat on his face with blood pooling around him and he’s got 10 swords stabbing him in the back all along his spine. Here, a female figure also has her face turned away and she’s got all these crazy-looking birds flapping around her. It’s like her crazy has come home to roost. This is what’s going on on the outside. It’s overload. It’s the crazy that happens when everything comes down at once. There’s no order, no sense, no rationality; it’s just this dreamlike surge of fear and anxiety and misery because it seems like so much is becoming real so fast. If there ever was a better “call to meditation” card created, I’ve never seen it. I’m reminded of that picture of kittens that is captioned with the phrase: “Calm the fuck down. Look at these kittens. LOOK at them.” That’s what needs to happen here, a BIG calming down, before a brand new idea (or a streamlined and *much* more workable version of the old idea) can develop.


And just FYI, the emphasis in the Place of Trees card is more on the “life” side than the “death” side right now. Go be in the sun while it’s shining.

And further on the FYI tip, here are the kittens. LOOK AT THEM:


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