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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

This is the first deskhenge I’ve done with Rachel Pollack’s “Shining Tribe Tarot” deck, and I really love it. Look at those colors! They make the symbolism on the cards really *pop*. Both the 6 of Trees (on the left) and the Chariot (on the right) indicate success, and a sort of powerful moving forward. There is an element of magic in both, like things just work out for you as you set your intention and your will, and then just *move* in that direction. Have you made any affirmations lately, or come to any decisions that while difficult will take you in the direction of your dreams? If so, yay you! Both these cards are a big *congratulations* from Over There. Hooray!! 🙂

On the “Inner Journey vs Outer Journey” level there is movement as well. The 6 of Trees indicates confident, almost arrogant, movement in the direction of will and desire (whatever that is for you); assume that your emotional, spiritual, psychic path is in one of those heavenly straightaways right now, so it’s a good time to make tracks. You’re being watched, though, almost like being judged for how you move through your life along your path, so don’t be an asshole. Don’t be mean, don’t lie, don’t get too big for your britches, and stay connected to all your “people,” your sources of support both human and non-human alike. As for the Outer Journey, the Chariot indicates a breaking down of barriers and a moving out from where you were before. You’re moving into a new place, whether that’s an actual physical move from one home to another, or a change in the physical body involving exercising more (or just exercising at all), or taking a new dance class, or starting tap lessons, or whatever. Some kind of physical movement is indicated.

We’re all changing and growing all the time, even if our pace of growth is slower than a snail’s path. Every breath brings change. The wisdom from the runes is this: stop overdoing the martyr bit (what’s the saying? “Come down off the cross; somebody needs the wood!’); keep your wealth (or your path to wealth) rooted in common sense and don’t do anything whimsical and potentially foolish; Fate is rolling the chariot along right now, so with any luck, She’s a good driver (if not, we’re all in trouble).

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