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Thursday, September 8, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

As we in the U.S. approach a sad anniversary on Sunday (9/11 ugh sigh), I’m sort of being “pointed at” the overall subject of signs and symbols–about how we see signs, how we interpret them if we see them, and why we don’t believe our own eyes despite what they’re telling us. So instead of looking at today’s spread and saying, “That’s the 6 of Wands on the left, it means hooray-I-win” and “That’s the Emperor on the right, he’s about using power,” I’m going to say this: “What am I looking at? What do I see?” Let’s break it down:

  • A person rides a tiger across the world, celebrating in a confetti storm. The tiger seems to be smiling, which seems like it would be a good thing. The rider is wearing a laurel wreath and raising her hands in celebration.
  • A man is breaking his chains, kicking them off his feet. Sun symbolism on his right shoulder and on the torch in his right hand make it look like he’s staring straight into the sun without squinting. The eagle coming in from the left is doing the same thing, unblinking. This makes me think of courage. He’s also wearing multicolored clothes and hair, and it looks like he has wings too. His hand is right up near the fire, leading me to believe that he’s not afraid of getting burned.
  • Both of these two cards rely on the same color patterns, the same hues. They seem to be maybe representative of the *same* energy.
  • A human face rests in the night sky. The moon is where the third eye would be. Stars are reflected in the water, and the moon’s reflection is about 10 times the size of the actual moon, which makes me think that the influence of the moon here is much larger than just its physical reality. The person looks like he or she is asleep, dreaming. It might be that time of night when everything seems really still, when the greatest light source comes from reflection, not from actuality.
  • This third card is much quieter; the colors are darker, cooler, fuzzier, much less vibrant; quite the opposite of the first two cards.
  • Stones are in alignment, pointing sort of southwest. The silver rune coins are in a droopy line from south to north, sort of crossing the east-west line of the stones. This makes a loose, floopy cross. The runes to the left of the long purple amethyst tell me to stop thinking of myself as just a woman. The runes on the right tell me that all things related to man and men are being driven by fate right now. The rune in the center is the rune of change, the Delta. Things are changing, so how do I want to be now, in this space of change?
  • The mat itself matches the “Silence” card (The Star, up at the top). This lends a sense of balance and stability to the reading. Forces of action and meditation are swirling in equal measures right now.

Now is a good time to choose how you will be in the face of whatever your days are: will you be the Firebringer, the power of masculine energy? The Eagle, pure spirit of air? Are you the Tiger or the Rider? Are you looking at the Moon and missing the reflected light that’s so much greater? What are you seeing, and how can you see it in a new way?


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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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