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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Today’s reading is following the spread of the card on the left (the 7 of Cups) representing what’s hidden, and the card on the right (the Knight of Cups) representing what’s seen. I’ve laid the stones out in a North/South/East/West foundation with the Ancestor stone in the north (that’s the big brown rock on the bottom right) representing Earth, the fiery red Jasper stone in the south (the red rock in the upper left) representing Fire, a lemon citrine stone in the east (the bright yellow crystal on the bottom left) representing Air, and a triangular labradorite stone in the west (the triangle crystal in the upper right) representing Water. My friend the Knight of Cups, a fire-of-water being, is holding space for the need to trust in the process. Is anybody else having trouble letting go of the need to control (or maintain the illusion of control) of EVERY LITTLE FRIGGIN’ THING? Or is that just me? Well, the wisdom is to SERIOUSLY just let go and float. I mean, what else are you gonna do? You’re just hanging there in mid-air, what else is there to do? You can freak out, but then you’re still falling. You’re just freaking out while falling. Not really helpful. So you might as well relax and practice a few barrel rolls while you’re up there.

What’s on the hidden level is a process of choice that’s happening. Maybe you don’t know whether to look like you’re flying (like the cool kids, who always seem to look like they’re flying even when they’re getting arrested for drug possession and child endangerment) or to look like you’re mid-freakout so some nice person will come along and help you (although you worry that that nice person could actually be a psycho-killer or a thief, thereby increasing your freakout and your lack of trust). Maybe you just need to look around, see what’s really there (see The Eye rune right next to the lemon citrine stone?), and make your judgments based on facts and reality rather than perceptions and the projection of “reality” from your mind onto other people. The rest of the runes say to love yourself, let go of what you can’t control (i.e., the process) because Fate is in hands other than your own, and let yourself float in the sun.

Author: musesdarling

I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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