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Thursday, September 1, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

We are apparently continuing our theme yet again today of things being different below the surface than they are *on* the surface. On the surface, represented by the card on the right, The World/Completion, things are all falling into place. This is a wonderful time, and you’d be mistaken if you didn’t think I went out and bought some lottery tickets over lunch! đŸ™‚ All elements are clicking, everything is a functional “go,” and all systems are working. Lessons have been learned, tests passed, and power transferred for the next stage of the journey.The opposite side of the reading, the Seven of Swords/”Politics” card, yet again indicates hidden things, treachery (possibly), counter-flow of energy, and potential meannesses (that is to say, small-mindedness, expansive ego crushing out room for anything else, and personality, lots and lots of personality). So be careful, be wise, and be aware of the current below the surface. Don’t give in to it; just be aware that it’s there.

I’ve also added to my goodie bag of crystals, so you’ll start to see more of a variety of stones in these deskhenges going forward. This fits with the emergence of new energy and new opportunities, so hooray on that. I’m also starting to include my personal rune set (the little silver coins in the center); I made it myself out of silver PMC, and have decided to try using it as a part of these divinations, just to see what happens. Now, looking at the coins, the Sun shows up in the top left corner nearest to the Seven of Swords/”Politics” card. This indicates to me that whatever is hidden/submerged is being drawn into the light, so I/you/we won’t have to worry about it being an unseen force for too much longer. We’ll have to work with it as a *seen* force, but at least we’ll be actually looking at what we’re dealing with. The Eye coin is a little too close to the Iron Pyrite stone for my liking, but the message is clear: be careful that you’re judging what you see correctly, because it could very well be false gold, not the real thing. The Heart coin is there too, so the warning goes for the heart as well: be careful of that to which/whom you give your heart, because while it looks good, it might very well be a fraud. The Diamond coin is on the left of the center cluster of coins, so I’m liking thinking of that as a message that the emotional/creative side of things is a good source of income and beauty. And the last two coins, The Self (the little circle closest to the brown ancestor rock at the bottom) and The Two, speak to me of relationship, especially since they’re sort of pointing to The Heart coin. Romance is coming. Hooray on that, too!


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