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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Today’s deskhenge is about the Page of Cups, that communal, emotionally immature part of ourselves that cries when Edward leaves Bella, shrieks like a teenybopper whenever our favorite  musician/band rumbles into town, or goes all googly-eyed starstruck when we meet one of our sports heroes. But the Page of Cups is about more than that (thankfully). In the picture above, s/he’s represented in three different decks: the Osho Zen Tarot (left side), the Rider-Waite deck (center), and the Tarot of Marseilles (right side). The two more traditional representations of the Page show mostly the same thing: a young man looking into a chalice and pondering what he sees there. Maybe he’s feeling something for the first time, maybe he’s exploring whatever drugs you take that make you talk to fish. Or maybe he’s reached a new understanding around an issue or a feeling for the first time, and is watching the bars of what he thought was his cage disappearing (as in the Osho deck). He has the capability to carry and maybe even embody that emotional truth without becoming one with it, that reality, in the same way that the bird is able to embody flight without becoming air, without losing its fundamental identity as Bird. So the Page in this sense represents a waking-up, a realization of new depths and new potential. How he learns to manage this new reality will be the tasks put to the Knight in the next card in the deck (the Knight of Cups): we see the Page in the Marseilles deck is balancing the cup on the palm of his hand–he hasn’t learned yet how to hold it without being in danger of tipping it over. The bird in the Osho deck can see the possibilities of flight, but he just hasn’t managed it himself yet. And for our friend the Page in the Rider-Waite deck, he stands on deck, ready to board the ship (or dive into the water) when the ship arrives or when he’s ready to learn how to swim.

A lesson to take away from this card is to remind yourself that you’re at the beginning of whatever it is that you’re feeling. As I’m experiencing what it’s like to hold warriorship and anger and all sorts of feelings around that, I feel like I’m bashing myself against the bars of that cage, or tipping the water in that cup ALL over the damn place. But I’m a beginner, and beginners make messes. So maybe it’s ok to flail around and leave puddles behind, at least for a little while.


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