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Monday, August 15, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Hey, look! It’s Monday again! Hoo-yeah, this big blue marble keeps spinning around and around and around. It’s school season again, holy cats, and I feel like I’m doing seventy-five things at once (including the Daily Deskhenge). Whew! So let’s take a look at what we have: the energy coming in is represented by the Five of Swords, and the energy going out is represented by the Four of Wands. It’s interesting that we’re progressing from a four to a five here, for what that’s worth: fours can represent stability, grounding, being solid, with sort of “of the Earth” gravitas. Fives can be more unstable, but are also more magical. Fives include the four directions PLUS the self–elements required to do *any* magic. Given this, perhaps we’re moving into rockier terrain now, but the potential for creating greatness is… well, greater. I often read the Five of Swords (the card on the left) as a victory (assuming that the person for whom the reading is being presented is the larger figure in the forefront). He’s defeated the two smaller figures who are retreating into the background, and he’s gathering up their swords as if they are his spoils of battle. But nobody’s dead, nobody’s been bloodied, nobody’s even wounded, except maybe on the level of their pride. This battle is a battle of wits, or maybe a jockeying for position. Quite apropos as the school year commences, right? 😉 Following our school-year metaphor, the Four of Wands (on the right) can be read as hearth and home, the source of creativity, or that which protects the source of creativity. Leaving this behind (as the energy is “leaving” the reading) to head out into unknown territory can be a difficult experience for students of all disciplines and ages–I’ve just started taking Aikido classes, so I’m rediscovering all about what it means to be a Freshman. <wink> It sucks, I agree. But there are new things to be learned and new experiences to have by which new wisdom might be gained. So it’s worth the occasional newbie falling on your ass, don’t you think?


Author: musesdarling

I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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