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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Today we don’t have any stones because your Oracle is really hankerin’ for something different. So what I decided to do is to come clean a little about something: I’m starting to work with an energy who is best represented in the Tarot (in my opinion) by the cards Death and The Tower. I may be crazy–such is perhaps fodder for discussion on another day. 😉 Regardless, I decided to lay out the Death and The Tower cards, and then asked the question, “What is my next best step here in working with this energy?” It’s a variation of “How do I handle/work with/approach these dark and dangerous cards and what they represent in my life?” And then I pulled the 7 of Cups. So hmm. What’s coming up for me now is “choice.” When dealing with death or major change, where do you “go”? What part of you comes out? How do you do it? You have a choice. You can get angry, you can go to sleep, you can drop into addiction, you can deal with it head-on (either with or without your heart); it’s that choice that makes up the lesson that you take away from the event (aside from the event itself, whatever that might be [e.g., my house burning down might be a lesson to me to stop smoking in bed]).With every choice is a consequence, and with every consequence is an opportunity to learn.

As for me, I will have choices as I work with the energy I mentioned above. But what’s also true is that everything in the card (I’m referring to the 7 of Cups) is a potentiality, an unknown. Nothing is real yet. I won’t *know* anything until I make a choice. The appearance of this card is also a reminder to me that I don’t know who I’m dealing with, and that getting to know her is probably a good idea to start.


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