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Monday, August 8, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

This week your Oracle will be experimenting with the Tarot de Marseille, a French deck from… you guessed it… Marseilles, from whence quality Tarot decks for gaming and divination began emerging in the 17th century. The drawings are cartoonish but vibrant, reflecting Herself your Oracle on a good day quite nicely; we therefore feel quite comfortable in plunging into these waters and other assorted metaphors for beginning a new course of study from which to draw analysis.

On the left of the stones is a grouping of three cards: The 10 of Swords, the 7 of Swords, and The Devil (reversed). This doesn’t seem particularly auspicious for those of us who use our heads a lot (for thinking). There’s a subterfuge happening that seems to have led to misery and maybe misunderstanding. There’s also a potential misuse of the mind or of thoughts to bring about some kind of goal that might not be that far above the “super shady” level. I sincerely hope that the placement of these cards on the left is indicative of what’s behind me, because I don’t like the idea of moving into this kind of energy head first. Ew. The good news is that whether this is past or present, we cannot go any further along these lines. We’ve taken this particular train of thought all the way from its origin to the end of the line (and back); there’s nowwhere else to go. We quite literally must change our minds in order to move on. The Devil might signify a stuck-ness in a certain way of thinking; if that’s so, then your Oracle recommends going out of your way to think of new things to break the cycle. Here, like this. New things no one’s ever thought of before:

1. Double-decker ice-skating rink.

2. LED wigs that run commercials and that you get paid to wear.

3. Cars that run on walnuts.

You get the idea. Change your mind. Think of new things. Be outrageous and silly.

On the right is another grouping of three cards: the 6 of Swords, the 8 of Coins, and Temperance. I really like that Temperance is on one side of the equation and The Devil is on the other. Temperance means both something that is changed by alchemical process into something else (a transformation), and moderation, while The Devil might signify being stuck in a certain pattern of thought or behavior that makes one almost incapable of change. It’s a cool balancing act.

These three cards on the right signify a movement from whatever was there before into a new realm of solid and well-received work, and change on the molecular level. We are at the journeyman’s level now, where perhaps before we were only an apprentice. Embrace the change, learn, and step up into your new reality.


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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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