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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Today’s deskhenge is kinda giving me chills, to tell you the truth. We’ve got three major arcana cards and three court cards, which tells me that it’s all about the people right now. I mean, look at the thing! Wall-to-wall humanity. And not just humanity, either: humanity on the move. FATEFUL humanity on the move, as a matter of fact. You’re starting some kind of new journey, or, on a global scale maybe we all are. Things might be changing on a deep “group mind” level (note both King and Queen of Swords here). And today is the first day in a week or more that I’ve pulled out my Human Ancestor rock from the “Cradle of Humanity” in South Africa. So my sense of it is that whatever is true here is true on some level for everybody. Not to be insufferably arrogant about it or anything. 🙂

The Temperance card (upper left) is not about not drinking (the modern definition of the word “temperance,” coming from the Temperance Movement of the early 20th century). I prefer to think of it as being about elements being tempered, as metal is tempered in fire. It’s like going through a crucible, something that changes you forever from whatever you were before to something new. And what do we find right after the Temperance card? The Fool card (top center). He is the essence of the blank slate, the new page. He is all about starting fresh, beginning a new journey. He has no preconceived ideas, no plans, no expectations. He’s just moving along on his way, waiting to see what Life has in store for him. And what’s waiting for him just around the corner is the King of Swords (top right), a MIGHTY protector if ever there was one. He’s armed for battle, but in repose, so he’s relaxing and seeming to enjoy life, but he’s ready for trouble if trouble should come. His counterpart the Queen of Swords (middle left) is also present, bringing a nurturing but mindful presence to the reading. Isabella of Castille giving Columbus permission to go find the New World and bring back its treasures comes to mind here. Right across from her is the Knight of Wands (center right), and to carry our metaphor forward, it really does look as if Columbus is leaving Isabella’s presence to go off on his grand adventure (political beliefs on the wisdom of that journey notwithstanding). The Wheel of Fortune (bottom card) roots the whole thing in Fate, as if nothing else can be done but exactly what is being done.

What journey are you on? Whatever it is, wherever you’re going, whether it’s a physical change or something more subtle (e.g., a psychological or emotional shift), it’s being driven by Fate so just roll with things for a little while. Let yourself be as a beginner, asking questions of everything as if you know nothing and are a rote newbie. Go with the flow, believe in the protective power of your guardians, and don’t be afraid to bring your A-Game, appearance-wise. Step up as you step out!


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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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