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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Today’s Daily Deskhenge is all about the goddesses, the various forms of The Earth Mother. She’s beautiful, she’s varied, she hits all the high points of what it means to be alive and human:

  • Isis is the queen of the past, the ancient mother, the one who sees and knows everything. She remembers a time when Egypt *wasn’t* a desert, and when Africa really *was* the mother continent. She walks from Life to Death and back again, and knows the secret ways of all things.
  • Guinevere isn’t really a goddess, but she’s absolutely a female archetype. She is everything we ever hope for in love and relationships, in wishes, in romance and hearts and flowers. She is true love, the core of our most foundational being, a reminder that everyone we deal with from the “best” person to the “worst” at heart only wants to be loved.
  • Artemis is the virgin, the huntress, the de-sexualized female warrior for whom traditionally male roles and occupations are possible. She shows us that women can function in a male world despite being told the contrary by all elements of the patriarchy.
  • Pele is the creation fire, the power and passion of everything that the Earth Mother is. Nothing is born without Pele; nothing dies without her either (note how she’s diagonally across from Kali, the Hindu Destroyer Goddess). Everything becomes very real when facing Pele: You cannot lie to her.
  • Yemanya is the joyful abundant mother of the oceans, keeping track of the wealth of the world within her, and distributing it across times and places. She works with the Quiet Mother of the deepest ocean to reveal all secrets, to bring to light that which was lost.
  • Bast is the supple, sensual mother, the mighty power of independent movement and thought. Bast keeps her own counsel, follows her own plans and dreams, makes her own choices and contracts and sticks by them, and blesses who she wants to bless. You cannot dictate to Bast. You can only ask to be with her and to follow her hypnotic ways.
  • Tara is many many mothers. In her form as Green Tara, she is earthy and organized, in charge, and willing to do what it takes to get things done. She is the mother of organizing armies, not to destroy, but to create order and peaceful conditions for all who come after her.
  • Kali is the dark mother of endings and new beginnings. She brings both death and new life, and like Isis, sees into and around both. She is the unknown, the (perhaps) frightening, but the absolutely necessary element of destruction that clears the path for new life. She is the silent expanse before thought, and the echo of the very last voice dying away.

All of these sides of The Mother are present in each of us every day. Which one is speaking to you now?


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I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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