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Thursday, July 7, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Today’s deskhenge is gathering a LOT of its energy from root-chakra sources. The Archangel Michael (on the left) is telling everybody to just chillax, that he’s on the case, that there’s nothing to worry about. (Not to get controversial, but as I was looking at that card just now, I kind of mentally flashed on Casey Anthony [the woman who was just found not guilty of killing her child], and I had this sort of “Leave Her to Heaven” vibe. Coming from a guy holding a flaming sword, I figure I’m just going to let any judgments I have about Justice in that terrible case go, and do as Michael says: leave her to Heaven. But I digress…) On the right is the 10 of Pentacles, a card I will often read as a completion of a project or a creative effort of some kind, like crossing the finish line after a marathon, or getting a book published. All the family is gathered here, including the family pets, and it seems like there’s a party or celebration happening. The pentacles are arranged in the Kabbalah “Tree of Life” pattern, perhaps indicating that all paths along that tree have been explored and lived, and now is the time to enjoy the success of being done.

Be diplomatic about your success, and don’t rub anyone else’s nose in it: the Third House is the house of communication and diplomacy, and Libra (the sign in which the moon sits at present) is about being fair and balanced. Use the fruits of your labors wisely. Maybe put off making the flashy purchase for a little while, and keep your celebrations low-key.


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