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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

When looking at today’s deskhenge, my eye keeps getting drawn to the stones rather than the cards. I wanted to use my ancestor stones, and stones that were grounding and earthy. And when I started putting them out, the pattern was more vertical than the usual circular. Now, it looks like a strand of chakras, or a representation of the mother goddess, based on the Venus of Willendorf model:

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Author: Matthias Kabel

She’s got the no-face, all-about-the-procreation thing going on, and I love her for that. But there’s something about the way she’s structured that I see in my Ancestor stones: the red jasper at the bottom represents the root chakra, the blood, the way into this world; the three stones above it are from Ireland, my ancestral homeland; the green flourite stone is the one I’ve dedicated to my faery people; the brown one above that is my Cradle-of-Humankind stone from the Sterkfontein caves in South Africa that I use to feel connected to our common ancestors from Africa; and the crystal at the top is the soul-connection to source.

The cards are about law and order, and everything being in its place and moving forward. So I feel very rooted with today’s reading. Everything is firmly grounded in the past, and is heading into the future with strength and confidence. The moon is currently in Gemini and in the Eleventh House, which is the house of hopes and dreams and friendships. This is a good time for connections, making plans with groups, and remembering to stay adaptable the way our ancient ancestors had to to survive. Believe with your heart, but decide with your head.


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