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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Happy Summer Solstice, everyone! Today is the longest day of the year in terms of availability of natural light here in the northern hemisphere. The cards and crystals today are all about light: using it, enjoying it, and living well in it. The Archangel Uriel (to the left) is leading the way here, reminding us to trust our own inner knowledge and wisdom, and in his incarnation as “The Hermit” in the Tarot, he invites us to  use the light that remains to go on a journey into darkness to discover what’s there and to test our own fortitude (“The Hermit” comes after “Strength” in the Tarot). Anyway, to the right is the Lady of the Manor (the 9 of Pentacles/Stones/Coins). I love this card. She is so discerning, so elegant, so in charge of her surroundings, so enchanted by that bird on her hand. There are no clouds in the sky. She is able to see everything as it is, and to pick the plumpest, juiciest, ripest clusters of grapes from her vines because the harvest is ready. I see the TEEENY little snail at the bottom of the card as the culmination of slow but steady progress, but also the need to keep moving if one does not want to find oneself becoming a Scooby Snack for the hawk on the lady’s hand once she removes its hood, which could happen at any time. If this card is your life right now, you might be the Lady, or the hooded hawk, or the about-to-be-et grapes, or even the snail. It all depends on what you’re going through and what your lesson is right now. But whichever role you’re in, the light is all around you. Yay light!

And since this Deskhenge turned out to be a little short today, here, let me follow my friend Thalassa and pick a Summer Solstice Tarot card for the rest of the year:


I read the “Justice” card as fundamental fairness that goes both ways (or all ways, actually). A situation will resolve itself according to the fairest methods for everyone concerned. That may not mean you get everything you want, so be careful about seeing this card as a blank check to go do whatever you want. Justice is absolutely *not* blind here; she sees you. I believe that in the long run nobody ever gets away with anything, even if it takes multiple lives to catch up with you. Justice reflects that for me, especially since she can see me. It’s better to live an upright life and do good than try to cut corners and imagine that I’m getting away with it. So watch your Ps and Qs for the next six months, and try not to run too many red lights. And if somebody does you wrong and you feel like there’s nothing you can do about it (which is an *infuriating* feeling, I know), try to relax: they’re not going to get away with it. Let it go, and leave them to Heaven (who has better ninjas than you).


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