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Monday, June 20, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

So, today is absolutely one of those days where I feel so overwhelmed by everything (including the first real hot weather we’ve had this year where I live, and just between you, me and the Internet, I *HATE* hot weather) that I can’t be coherent about what I’m looking at. Have you ever had days like that? My Dad used to call it “not knowing whether to shit or go blind.” (Dad felt free to indulge in colorful metaphors quite a lot.) So I’m going to cheat and do a bullet list of what I see, and maybe the Universe will create some sense out of it.

  • The Hermit card jumped out of the deck as I was shuffling the cards, so I put him down by Uriel (on the left). The thing is, the Archangel Uriel is represented by The Hermit in the Tarot–see how they’re both old dudes holding lanterns? The energy is all about facing the darkness with the inner light (among other things). I think it’s really cool that The Hermit came out to join Uriel here.
  • The moon is currently in the seventh house, which is the house of sex, intimacy, relationships, union, marriage, divorce, contracts, balance, etc. (usually what you’d find in the “Lovers” card). Interesting that it’s influencing Uriel and The Hermit, as if solitude were important to maintaining the overall harmony now. The moon is also in Aquarius, an air sign that I’ve always found interesting because it’s so associated with water. Maybe you need time to be alone to consider your relationships, and to think things through?
  • The Empress (the card on the right) is all about mothering, children, the baby bump, fully expressed female sexuality, AND female power in the material world. Let’s not forget that the Empress is not just preggers; she’s the titular head of an Empire. She rules over her domain, and will protect it for her progeny (aforementioned “baby bump”). It’s very easy to forget that side of The Empress when you’re looking at the Rider-Waite deck (which is what I’m using), because she looks so pretty sitting in her garden on her foofy girly divan, enjoying the trees and the impressive water feature behind her. But she’s holding an orb and wearing a crown,  and it looks like her domain is as fertile as she is. Don’t mess with this lady, or you’re gonna get a water feature where the sun don’t shine.

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