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Monday, June 13, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Nothing says, “Hey guys! Check out my super-radiant awesomeness!!” more than an angel on a unicorn, right? The energy from that card (the angel card on the left) is vibrant and powerful, energetic and forward-moving. Now is definitely the time to jump on those plans and hopes, and the eleventh house (where the moon currently sits, in Scorpio) is the house of hopes and dreams. Take a step. Make those plans move. The Temperance card (on the right) is not telling you to put the Mohito down. Rather, the angel in that card is cautioning prudence and remaining in balance with both the wonderful energy of dreams in flight *AND* the grounding energy of putting dreams into action in the real world. Manifest your dreams and desires in your own way, in your own good time, and remember to listen to the advice of your heart. Water is all over the place here, so take a good look at your current emotional currents (!). Dream big, then do big.


Author: musesdarling

I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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