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Thursday, June 9, 2011

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The Daily Deskhenge:

Whenever I see El Morya in a reading like today’s (on the left), I have to ask myself what I’m carrying around that isn’t mine. I’m a fairly sensitive beastie, and I hoover up all sorts of emotional folderol without even thinking about it. Usually I’ll deal with the stress of having all these extra feelings and emotions and desires by overeating; or at least that’s how I’d been used to handling it until recently. I was just finishing my lunch today when I realized that I was shoving french fries in my mouth by the clump, but I wasn’t even hungry. So I stopped myself, threw the fries out (because frankly, El Pollo Loco isn’t known for it’s fries, and now I know why), and took another look at my little deskhenge. The presence of El Morya (an Ascended Master thought to be from the Hindu tradition, although I confess I don’t know much about him) is a clear reminder to protect myself, to stay away from unhealthy influences (pitch those french fries!), and to actively be aware of my surroundings. But look also to the right of the photo: The King of Pentacles is present in the reading today. I usually read him as a kind of benevolent dictator–a good king who knows how to use his power and riches wisely. He accepts responsibility for all his people (the foot on the neck of the wolf symbolizes keeping enemies in check), and he’s wearing the cloak of riches but underneath is prepared for war (you can see his leg and foot covered in armor). It can’t be comfortable, wearing all that regalia on top of a suit of armor, but he does it because it’s his responsibility and it goes with being a King. He wears his wealth proudly, and is not afraid to ask people to work–he does his job, so they should do their jobs as well. He represents the fruitfulness of the land, the health of the people and the harvest, and the richness of the kingdom. The third special element in the reading today is the mermaid at the center. I love her–she’s from India, and is hand-carved out of ox bone. Mermaids live in both the water and air elements. To me, they represent the emotional, the psychic, the ancient unknown. They are strange and not human, but not fish either.  For those of us who feel out of place in this world at times, the mermaid is a wonderful symbol of magical transcendance. So, yay mermaids. 🙂

In putting all these elements together, I come up with a call from my deepest true self to start protecting myself more actively, to start protecting and using my internal and external treasures more wisely, and to value myself more as something worthy of saving, cherishing, and treating like the irreplaceable valuable that I am.

How will you become your own best and strongest advocate and protector today?


Author: musesdarling

I'm a psychic empathic technical editor with dreams of becoming a superhero when I grow up.

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